Potential Bargain Alert // Update: Offer is Over

Whether or not this is a mistake on Gearbest’s behalf I don’t know, but if you remember those 8BITDO FC30 bluetooth controllers from a while back then you’ll probably remember that they were about $30 each. Rather a lot.

Yesterday Gearbest listed a set of 2 for $27 shipped. For us UK folk, that’s less than £9 each. That is quite a bargain I reckon, and one I can’t resist.

Click the image below to check ’em out.


Update: These are now $51.44, so it looks like the offer is over.

4 thoughts on “Potential Bargain Alert // Update: Offer is Over”

  1. The 8bitdo controllers are pretty good. I’ve been impressed by their quality. They feel great and I recommend them to anybody wanting an authentic feeling retro controller. The software kind of sucks and is a little frustrating working with, but works well with emulators. Pick one up if you can!

      • There was a ton of complaints about the build quality of the predecessors. Perhaps they used the revenue to acquire material contracts, cutting the cost and improving the quality. Of course, you could always build your own. Not that hard.


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