Updated Retroflag NesPi Case+ Released With Safe Shutdown And Reset

If you’re looking to turn your Raspberry Pi in to a retro gaming machine you couldn’t go far wrong with a NesPi case for it. Like most cases though, the original NesPi doesn’t offer a proper means to shutdown or reset the device. Whilst pulling the plug does the job, if your machine was writing to the SD card at the time then you risk corrupting the card and having to start again from the beginning.

I installed an On/Off Shim from Pimoroni on my old RPi2, which requires a tiny bit of soldering and installion of a script that runs when you hit the power button. Not a very elegant solution, and it breaks compatibility with a lot of cases – but it was better than nothing.

Thankfully a better solution is now available, thanks to Retroflag. Alongside use of the latest RetroPie 4.4, the NesPi Case+ has functional buttons which allow a safe shutdown and reset. An additional script it required to get this to work, but if it’s anything like the Pimoroni script it’s very easy to get working. The script can be found here.

The best price I’ve found for this is on Aliexpress at just over £15 shipped. This one even comes with a fan and some other extra bits and pieces. I’ve ordered mine and plan to build an RPi3 B+ with it once it’s arrived.

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  1. Christian Ott says: Reply

    A user seems to have modified the script for a real shutdown successfully. There is a pullrequest for this issue created on the official retro-flag github [here](https://github.com/RetroFlag/retroflag-picase/pull/6.

    Seem you have to edit the python script manually and add the script multi_switch in same location as the python one. Worked like a charm

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