Q400 Now Available For Pre-Order

As we thought, the Q400 is now available for pre-order!

This RK3128 powered machine runs on RetroArch (we think!) and sports a high resolution 800×480 panel, as well as dual analog sticks and four shoulder buttons. The Q400 costs a very reasonable $80 shipped, and should have far better performance than the RG350 and PocketGo v2 handhelds of 2019.

It will be really interesting to see where developers can take this machine this year. I should have mine sometime in May, so will be sure to let you know what I think of it. For more info, check my other post here.

Stock is expected towards the end of May at Supbor.com, and as usual the machine will ship from China.

Pre-Order The Q400

17 thoughts on “Q400 Now Available For Pre-Order”

  1. guys, I got Q400 fromTaibao, green one. but, sadly, it is not IPS screen, and the OS version is also the old one.

  2. We need a black IPS one for $80. Why do these chinese factories always fuck it up in some way? Who the hell buys a yellow one or turquoise one?

  3. I really wish they would stop making these cheap handhelds and give us something premium. People would buy a premium handheld if we could go up to GameCube.

  4. Website often is offline. Anyway this q400 seems great.
    Only one thing I don’t like: Micro usb for charge…I think type C is better.
    Maybe just now that producer make upgrade (IPS screen) respect first released units, can consider to do also this improvement ?

  5. It sucks that there’s no black version for this pre-order (as I type this, anyway). It looks pretty slick in black, much less toyish.

    • Yeah I don’t understand that. The black version is apparently available retail, it’s just that supbor won’t have it straight away for some reason.

    • All that means is that there will be black bars for retro consoles. 480 vertical pixels scales better for most retro consoles, the RG350M’s 640×480 is best in this regard but I’d rather have black bars than fractional, filtered scaling.


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