The Retroid Pocket 2 – New And Improved?

The Retroid Pocket 2 is the most recent handheld from MooreChip Technologies. It’s a rethink of their Retroid Pocket (aka Super Retro Handheld aka PowKiddy A19) from late last year, with some improvements.

At first glance it looks as though the redesign is mostly skin deep, utilising the same MT6580 as before. They have increased the RAM from 512MB to 1GB though, and it looks like the CPU might have been overclocked to 1.5GHZ too. The MT6580 isn’t a particularly powerful chip, falling far behind the RK3326 found in the OGA and similar devices.


The Retroid Pocket 2 is configured with the option to dual boot, just like the later versions of their first device. It allows you to either boot in to Android 6, or a Pandora’s Box type interface. This device doesn’t appear to have a touchscreen, so the second boot option is probably tailored for non-touchscreen devices. It would have been better to just come up with a proper single boot solution I think, instead of relying on two different options in order to cover all bases.

Retroid Pocket 2 Retail Package

One of the selling points of this device is the ability to play local multiplayer via netplay. Netplay is a feature of RetroArch and it relies on peer-to-peer networking over your WiFi connection. Whilst it’s a nice thing to have, I believe you need an active internet connection to make it work. I may be wrong though and it will be interesting to see how the Retroid team have implemented this feature.


The front of the device appears to have two analog sticks, but on closer inspection this is not the case. The stick on the right hand side is recessed almost flush to the front of the unit and is tagged as a “digital” stick on the website. I’m not sure of the reason for doing this over actually having a second analog stick. The front of the unit also has the standard 3 buttons required for navigation of Android. There’s also a HDMI output, headphone output, expandable storage via microSD and a USB-C charge port too.

Retroid Pocket 2 - New and Improved?

I really like the look of the Retroid Pocket 2, it’s chunky and playful looking but has also had a lot of thought put in to the design. The stacked shoulder buttons are a really nice touch and I hope other manufacturers go this route in future.

Unfortunately the choice of CPU and non-committal dual boot option is a deal breaker for me. At this point I feel anything less than an RK3326 is a bit of a step backwards. It’ll be interesting to see which direction MooreChip go with their next device though.

The Retroid Pocket 2 is available now at and costs $80 plus shipping.


9 thoughts on “The Retroid Pocket 2 – New And Improved?”

  1. Taki listed several improvements on this over the original, including faster and more RAM, faster charging, more buttons, two analogs, faster storage and possibility of Android 8 support (not yet guaranteed). It may not be quite as fast as the OGA and clones, but should be close, and adds a lot of flexibility that Android provides (bluetooth controllers/headsets) plus the neat local multiplayer function. IMO it has a better design as well.

    • It’s generic Android/Retroarch functionality on a really poor SoC with low resolution non-touchscreen. It is a nice design, but internally it’s junk.

      • Same can be said about every odroid go advance or rg350 like device. They are all pretty weak and non Touchscreen with an extremely generic OS. But the OGA and rk2020 look look and feel terrible. They have an absolut standart OS and a little faster Chip. But the rg350 has the shitty jz4770 but good built quality. I think if you say the rg350 is one of the best you are hyping anbernic a bit too much because the chip is much weaker than this and the build quality of the Retroids is really good i think. The resolution of this is better than the resolution of the oga and the rg350p.

  2. Is it possible to boot the Retroid Pandora OS directly? I like the looks of the device but I hate the shitty looking UI in Android … The ui of the oga looks so damn good. But the build quality is shit. Dont like the looks of the anbernic devices in and out too… I’m pretty disappointed that this device does not have a good ui or the rockchip like the oga.

  3. + It’s cute.
    + It has all the buttons you will ever need.

    – D-pad position is wrong. (You would think they would research other handhelds and their history >.> RG350 *cough)
    – Weak processor.
    – Dual Boot / Android.
    – No black version, but at this point that doesn’t even matter.

    RG350P for me!
    Other than that, I’ll wait until Gamecube emulation becomes a normal thing to emulate, which means Im in for a loooooong wait, one that’s not even worth it anyway because I already played the few GameCube games that matter, but I mean something with that much power will be truly good for all the older stuff to be able to play with low latency and other improvements.

  4. Also, that’s pretty bold of them to claim DC, N64 and PSP emulation from this system. With the chipset present is that even possible in a playable state?

  5. Disappointing in power but I do like the form factor. The 2nd stick is always hit/miss with me…on the one hand I want it on my handhelds. On the other, these units aren’t powerful enough to use it so in reality it doesn’t bother me if they don’t have it during actual usage.

    The price is steep considering the chipset and even if the price was less it’s stills under-powered vs the competition.


    • It should play up to PS1 with good frame rate.
      Add to that the local multiplayer?

      Name another handheld emulator that allows you to trade Pokemon…

      I’m sold.


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