The PowKiddy RGB10Max Is The First OGS Clone

Raise your hands if you didn’t see this coming. No-one? Yep thought so! So in case you missed it, HardKernel released their updated Odroid-Go Super at the beginning of this year. It’s the same hardware as their previous device in a larger shell with a 5 inch screen and a higher resolution. The PowKiddy RGB10Max looks to be a very similar handheld, with some improvements.

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict that the Chinese manufacturers would follow HardKernel’s lead again, and in all honesty I’m surprised that it took this long. Some images popped up on baidu a few days ago and now the device is available to order.

Orange PowKiddy RGB10Max

The PowKiddy RGB10 Max actually makes some improvements over HardKernel’s offering though. Here’s some specs that should currently be taken with a grain of salt!


CPURockChip RK3326
LCD5″ 854×480 IPS
INPUTSL&R1/2/3, Dual Analog, D-Pad
PowKiddy RGB10 Max
Full HD? Nope – 854×480

The large 5″ LCD is the same 854×480 resolution as the OGS but with much smaller bezels. The WiFi toggle on the top of the unit is a very nice touch, and alongside built in Bluetooth the RGB10 MAX offers two things that the OGS missed. The dual analog sticks also function as R3/L3 buttons unlike those on the OGS.

The PowKiddy RGB10 was one of the cheapest RK3326 handhelds to hit the market last year, but the RGB10 Max comes in a little more expensive at around $120. It’s now available to order in a choice of orange or black at the official PowKiddy store on AliExpress.


19 thoughts on “The PowKiddy RGB10Max Is The First OGS Clone”

  1. The ram is nice, but to have the same RK3326 chipset is not acceptable. I’m not getting back into the dedicated space until there’s a true upgrade. (720p resolution / 5+ hrs battery life / Gamecube runs 60fps)

    It’ll be a while and I’m fine waiting. For now, I will keep picking up used mobile phones off eBay that offer 100x this performance for around the same cost (LG G8X with Snapdragon 855 + 6GB DDR4 ram for $125 last Holiday via eBay).

    I love these units but now there are too many, they all play/act the same way and the price goes up with each release. It’s not worth it until we see true progress. A mobile phone + bluetooth controller is the way to go for me.

  2. Well, well, I am surprised… that there weren’t any OGS clones so far ><
    Build quality looks better, but is it worth it if one already owns an OGS? Not sure. Having one, I must say that the lack of horsepower kind of ruins the huge screen. Let's face it: RK3326 is old now and not powerful enough to run emus that could benefit from the large screen (yup! PSP's on my mind πŸ™‚ ).

    This is not for me, and I'm probably off these Chinese handhelds until they use newer/more powerful SOCs. Looking forward CM4 powered ones, though!

  3. I may get one of these. With built in wifi/bluetooth, larger screen, and with L3/R3 it may be the new best rk3326 device. Stereo speakers would be icing on the cake.

  4. Truthfully I’ve more or less stopped picking these things up now. There’s too many to keep track off and they all do pretty much the same things. Just got way too expensive now having to try and get every single one.

  5. I just may pick up one of these if the price is reasonable! I especially like the specs including the 5 inch IPS screen, large lithium battery and 1GB of RAM.

  6. You know, I did always want a Switch lite, it’s just so cute and manageable thanks to being slightly smaller… but the color choices were weird. (with the Pink one being the least weird)

    Now an emu handheld comes with practically the same shape and form factor, fixes dpad placement, has a good screen resolution and it a nicer color than what Nintendo did…………. dangit, I guess Ill be trying it XD
    The plastics better be good though.

      • There’s no turning back now… the only way out is through. This could be prevented though if there were proper reviews for plastics + buttons! Sadly I’m gonna have to do that myself πŸ˜›

        Plus, this time it’s not Anbernic so there’s a chance for something different out of the box, although Anbernic is the most known for quality…

        • (also, make it 3 or more handhelds in the same year if the CM4 stuff starts to come out, though there’s already an adapter for the GPi case, but I’ll skip)

          • Yep I’m looking forward to seeing some CM4 machines too. Landscape preferably, not really interested in that GPi case adaptor. I wonder if those things ETA talked about will ever surface.

    • Sadly, the performance is a far cry below the Switch Lite’s. The RK3326 does under 10 frames per second on N64 emulation, making it unplayable, and 854Γ—480 is a lot less pixels than 1280Γ—720.

      • I know… I own an RG351V, which has the same RK3326.
        To be honest, the biggest disappointment with performance is that Super Mario RPG and Yoshi’s Island will struggle on it. I dont expect great N64 emulation out of anything almost, but I really care about those 2 games πŸ™

        I mean yeah, I’d love a CM4 handheld with this same form factor and 720p (I still fear the CM4 might still not be enough GPU for some, I heard that the Pi4 can only do N64 less than 10% better)


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