What We Know About The Anbernic RG552

Although we still don’t have any renders of the upcoming Anbernic RG552, pieces of information are leaking out slowly. The RG552 appears to be a way off yet, but lets have a look at what we might expect in this upcoming handheld.

Firstly, the model number of this device tells us some things. A year or so ago a chart was posted on Tieba Baidu that attempted to explain the naming convention for Anbernic’s handhelds. Not everything from that lines up with the leaks about the RG552 though. Whilst the 5.5″ display has been confirmed, it doesn’t look as though the chip will be made by MediaTek. Thankfully, it isn’t going to be JZ4770 or RK3326 either.

Anbernic RG552


The LCD is said to be a 5.5″ HD display with a ratio of 5:3. That’s somewhere between 4:3 and 16:9 in terms of width. We don’t know the resolution, but it has been referenced as being an High Definition display. Max Zhou claims it has a resolution “above 1000”. Whether that’s height or width is unknown as yet.

The image below was posted on Tieba Baidu and is purportedly the LCD that will be used in the RG552.

RG552 LCD Screen

Max has also said that it’s a cell phone display.

Since it’s a cell phone display and we know the aspect ratio, we can take a guess at the resolution based on this list of mobile screens. 1280×768 seems to be the most common resolution for this AR, although there is no screen size match in that list. That page is out of date, so it could be that there are common screens with a higher resolution and the same AR now. A new video recently released shows that the panel will be capacitive. Update at the bottom of the post.


Despite the buzz around RockChip’s new RK3566, the RG552 will apparently contain a much older chip known as the RK3399. First announced back in 2016 and released the following year, the RK3399 is actually a more capable chip than the RK3566. Unfortunately it is also more power hungry and runs hotter. See below for a comparison courtesy of gadgetversus.com.

ProcessorRockchip RK3399Rockchip RK3566
ISAARMv8-A (64-bit)ARMv8.2-A (64-bit)
MicroarchitectureCortex-A72, Cortex-A53Cortex-A55
Release dateQ1 2016Q2 2020
Lithography28 nm HKMG22 nm
Base frequency1.5 GHz1.8 GHz
Turbo frequency2.0 GHz-
Energy cores4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.5 GHz-
High performance cores2x ARM Cortex-A72 @ 2.0 GHz4x ARM Cortex-A55 @ 1.8 GHz
Cache memory1.512 MB256 KB
Max memory capacity4 GB4 GB
Max PCIe lanes41
GPU integrated graphicsARM Mali-T860 MP4ARM Mali-G52 MP2
GPU execution units42
GPU shading units6432
GPU base clock rate350 MHz850 MHz
GPU max clock rate700 MHz950 MHz
(Android 64-bit) Geekbench 4 single core1144756
(Android 64-bit) Geekbench 4 multi-core27761997

It’s been rumoured that a handheld with this chip was first on the cards in 2020, but heat dissipation halted development. This new image shows a grills in the back of the unit for hot air exhaust.

RG552 Air Intake / Exhaust

There was a video released showing God of War for PSP running on this hardware at around 30FPS back in April. Up until now, this game hasn’t been possible on any of Anbernic’s machines, or indeed any other budget devices.

There’s potential for some Gamecube emulation on this chip too. The Rock Pi 4 SBC contains this same chip and there are videos of Dolphin running some games at an acceptable speed on that. Of course, a lot depends on which OS Anbernic decide to use and how it is implemented.


The RG552 will apparently dual boot Batocera and Android. the RK3399 has very good Linux support so this choice makes a lot of sense.


It has been said that the RG552 will have HDMI output, stereo speakers, dual analog sticks and dual MicroSD card slots. There are still many things we don’t know yet, including but not limited to the below:

  • Price
  • Release date
  • Cell size / battery life
  • RAM
  • WiFi / Bluetooth

I wanted to wait until there were some renders available before posting this, but that might be way off yet. Of course, the header image is not in any way official! The Anbernic RG552 looks to be in very early development and the current chip shortages presumably aren’t helping things move quickly. I’ll update this post as and when new info comes in.

UPDATE 02/06/2021

Maxzhou posted this video on tieba baidu earlier, demonstrating that the RG552 does in fact have active cooling. He has this to say about the video:

RG552 active cooling fan PWM speed regulation. The square wave in the oscilloscope is the control signal for linear PWM fan speed regulation

I would guess that the device on the right is our first glimpse of the RG552.

UPDATE 12/09/2021

These two new clips show a bit of the UI and touchscreen, as well as what looks like Tekken 6 for PSP running on an RG552 prototype.

Clips courtesy of Lei from the RGHandhelds discord server

UPDATE 22/10/2021

Various extra info provided throughout the post, plus this video from YouTube.

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  1. Not a fan of active cooling. However, I do love the colored buttons (OLED-style buttons for active remapping would be **killer** even for an extra $30 on the price (or tack it onto some super-premium metal, OLED model)

  2. Awesome!! I really hope it’s Android. I feel like there hasn’t really been anything to de-throne the GPD XD yet.

        • Desirable for what? for shitty apps?

          A device like this is meant for playing only, stop wanting to do many things with a device like it were a computer. If you want that shit from google, just buy a phone, you have many for 100€ or less.

  3. The RK3399 sounds like a beast 😛
    If not a CM4 handheld, I think I’d take that lol. But yes, heat sounds like trouble, and I really hope they don’t use a fan.
    The screen sounds great too! All these upgrades sound like type of thing we really need, and yes I like having a lot more pixels even for emulation cause it will make the menu look prettier and have more room for special effects like CRT shaders!

    My only worry after trying the RG351V now is the quality and feel of these handhelds. I wish somehow that we had “specs” to define things like shell texture, button travel distance, resistance, clicky/mushyness and tactility.

    • Cm4 handhelds coming. I’ve got a kickstarter for one currently titled Lite Berry . A cm4 in a switch lite .

  4. Isn’t there a new revision of the RK3399 that has a better power profile? Thought I read that somewhere…


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