Here, Have Another One – The PowKiddy Q20 Mini

PowKiddy Q20 Mini

How intriguing that both PowKiddy and Anbernic have decided to release new, low power handhelds whilst simultaneously teasing us with way more powerful devices. And how coincidental that they’ve both opted for the nostalgia aesthetic, sporting the Maroon and Gold of the Famicom controller. Behold, the PowKiddy Q20 Mini.

The Chunky GameForce Handheld Is Now Available

GameForce Handheld

As the sun begins to set on RK3326 powered devices, the GameForce handheld sets out to buck the trend of straight OGA clones with the inclusion of some cool features. It’s been a long time in the making, but the GameForce is finally here.

The TrimUI Model S Review

TrimUI Model S

The TrimUI Model S is one of those handhelds that just appeared out of nowhere at the end of last year. Not much was known about the company behind it or the device itself. Now that it’s been available for a few months and the software has matured a little, let’s take a proper look …

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The new portrait mode Anbernic RG351V is now available

RG351V Handheld

In the never ending barrage of incremental upgrades, Anbernic are the latest team to release a portrait mode handheld based on the RK3326 chip. Aside from the change in orientation, the Anbernic RG351V does offer a couple of other nice features.

The RG351P Is Now Available

RG351P Retro Handheld

Hot on the heels of the ZPG Pro announcement, here comes news of another machine due soon. The RG351P is another handheld based on the OGA hardware, and using a similar shell as the RG350.