The Cheapest Android Player Yet?

A while ago I reviewed the Window N50, a 5 inch Android portable for casual browsing and media consumption on the go. Pocketable Android players never really took off though, possibly because I’m just about the only person interested in them. For some reason, JXD has decided to release one of its own and it …

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Xiaomi, Meizu and Oppo’s Attempts At The Premium Budget Smartphone

The mobile phone market is a fast changing one, it was barely 10 years ago that Nokia released its 8310, one of the smallest mobile phones ever mass produced. Oh how things have changed since then.

Back when Nokia, Siemens and Ericsson were dominant manufacturers it would have been hard to imagine things as they are today. But as technology improved and consumers started demanding more from their phones, those old timers struggled to keep up and so the market was opened for someone else to take the helm. Taiwan’s HTC were arguably the first manufacturer to pick up the slack, and here in the UK Orange started offering HTC’s Windows powered SPV “smartphones” in the early 2000s.

Since then Apple’s iPhone has taken the world by storm, Taiwan’s Acer, ASUS and more recently Gigabyte have joined the market, Sony bought the rights to the Sony Ericsson brand, Google bought out Motorola Mobility, South Korea’s Samsung has risen to become one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and LG are soon to be propelled into the limelight too when the Google / LG Nexus is released.

There’s no shortage of choice if you’re in the market for a premium smartphone, but one thing remains the same between all of these manufacturers – their top of the range mobile phones cost a hell of a lot of money.

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JXD S5100 Now Shipping!

Those of you patiently awaiting this rather beautiful looking tribute to the 3DS can cease f5ing, DX have both the white and black versions in stock for $106 shipped! Willgoo also now have stock on their website – take your pick!