GCW Want To Manufacture 3000 More Zeros, But They Need Your Help To Do It

The first GCW Zeros are trickling out to patient and excited customers as we speak. In order to manufacture another 3000 units and satisfy the demand, Justin and his crew are asking for $130,000 dollars via their newly launched Kickstarter campaign. The GCW Zero is the spiritual successor to the infamous Dingoo A320 and promises … Read more

Poll: Obscure Handheld Operating System

We are all about the non-mainstream here – it’s even in our name.  So I wanted to know – what handheld operating systems do you prefer?  Other than the obvious iOS and Android / DS and PSP, of course. Note:  This is just about the software not the hardware.  Multiple answers are accepted, but limited to … Read more

The Russians Understand, Sort Of.

Well I must admit this is all news to me, but it looks like an as yet unnamed Russian firm have been working closely with Chinese manufacturers to develop a handheld that actually runs Dingux out of the box. Hallelujah! Finally, someone with the ability to make it happen has made it happen. Read on for the lowdown…

Read moreThe Russians Understand, Sort Of.