GPD XD Now Shipping, Lowest Price Now At GearBest! UPDATE: Read Comments First.

During my usual Sunday morning perusal of the China web stores I noticed that one of my favourite shops is now shipping the GPD XD, and what’s more they have the cheapest price I’ve seen for the 32GB model in both Blue and Black. Gearbest are now shipping the 32GB model for $141.09. Click the … Read more

Some Videos of the GPD XD in Action, Courtesy of Willgoo

Not a particularly informative video unfortunately, but there are a couple of¬†things to take from this. Most notably, it looks like GPD have implemented their own custom Android skin here. It looks very similar to the UI used on their Mars Gamebox.¬†Also, this thing looks beautiful in blue! We already know that the hinge locks … Read more

Rumoured New Clamshell Device from GamePad Digital, the GPD XD

As you can see from the pictures, if this product does make it to market it might be a little while yet. Currently there are only some rendered images of this clamshell device available. The XD looks to be closely modelled on the “New” 3DS from Nintendo, albeit it seems to be lacking the second screen that would sit between the input controls. I would be disappointed if they didn’t fill that void with something, a small keyboard perhaps or maybe even a trackpad to¬†save you jabbing at the hinged screen all the time when browsing.


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Can GPD Crack The Android Console Once and For All?


Past attempts at the Android home console have mostly missed the mark, some coming closer than others. The biggest decision a manufacturer has to make is whether to lock the system into their own closed app store or not. The benefit of doing so is that you can be sure every game will work properly with the device, but it means that you have to purchase your favourite games AGAIN. This can make a lot of people understandably reluctant to indulge. The benefit of access to Google Play is obvious but it can mean that certain titles don’t work, either due to the need for a controller or just incompatibilities due to the nature of the unconventional hardware used.

GPD have a short but reasonably successful history in the handheld market, their late 2013 G5A and G7 surpassing every single one of JXDs attempts in terms of build quality and software support. It’s with some optimism then that we take a look at their upcoming home console.

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A Look At The GPD G5A Hardware


The GPD G5A is my third Android handheld after a Yinlips YDPG16, and a JXD S7300 that I bought for my brother. I’ve always fancied a 5 inch machine but until the G5A they have all been stunted in some way, usually with a less powerful processor than their 7 inch brothers. I ordered my G5A from Willgoo on the 10th of January, it showed up on the Singapore Post tracking site 3 days later, and 10 days later it arrived at my house. Since then I’ve had a bit of time to play around with it, and if you’d like to hear some opinions on the device then read on… ūüôā

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