The ZPG Pro Rumours and Speculation

The original ZPG was a DIY handheld that used the guts of a cell phone for its mainboard. It was mostly the work of Lao Zhang, he made use of Vita controls and the motherboard of a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact to create the device. The ZPG was released in very small batches to the Chinese market, and was almost impossible for Westerners to buy. It’s always been rumoured that the ZPG was leading up to something else, and that rumour has just been substantiated. Over on the Chinese forums God of light and darkness (cool name) is posting short teaser videos pertaining to a ZPG Pro. Let’s have a look at the ZPG Pro rumours and speculation.

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HardKernel Releases The New Odroid-Go Advance

Odroid-Go Advance New Revision

It’s been a long time since that first batch of Odroid-Go Advance’s started shipping out back in January. The devices quickly sold out and many people have been waiting months for HardKernel to announce fresh stock. Well, the wait is over as HardKernel releases the revised Odroid-Go Advance version 1.1. Read on to see what’s changed.

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Spot the Difference – The PowKiddy X2

The PowKiddy X2 is a pretty brazen attempt to cash in on the aesthetics of the original Nintendo Switch, even by Chinese standards. But hey, at least they switched the colours over! Whilst the PowKiddy X2 is a Nintendo Switch lookalike, it should be no surprise that underneath that Neon Red and Blue colourway it’s another story.

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The Argon One RPi4 Case

argon one exploded view

The highly anticipated release of RetroPie for the RPi4 was the excuse I needed to grab a RPi4, as well as a nice case to house it in. After hunting around I eventually settled on the Argon One RPi4 case. It’s a very reasonably priced aluminium alloy case with both active and passive cooling, and some other clever tricks up its sleeve.

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The PiBoy DMG May Be The First RPi4 Handheld

piboy dmg render

The Raspberry Pi4 was released back in June 2019, but it hasn’t yet found its way in to any mass produced handhelds. There are two main reasons for this. The lack of a more compact Compute Module variant of the RPi4 means that any handheld would have to accommodate the comparatively bulky full sized board. Secondly, there is no official build of RetroPie for the Raspberry Pi4 yet. That hasn’t stopped these guys though, and the PiBoy DMG may be the first RPi4 handheld to be mass produced.

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