The PiBoy DMG May Be The First RPi4 Handheld

piboy dmg render

The Raspberry Pi4 was released back in June 2019, but it hasn’t yet found its way in to any mass produced handhelds. There are two main reasons for this. The lack of a more compact Compute Module variant of the RPi4 means that any handheld would have to accommodate the comparatively bulky full sized board. Secondly, there is no official build of RetroPie for the Raspberry Pi4 yet. That hasn’t stopped these guys though, and the PiBoy DMG may be the first RPi4 handheld to be mass produced.

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Who Remembers The Panasonic Jungle?

panasonic jungle prototype

Some of the first posts I ever made on Obscure Handhelds were about an upcoming handheld from Panasonic. The Panasonic Jungle was designed as a clamshell device intended for playing MMOs on the go, and it was due to run on Linux. Obviously the handheld never came to light, being cancelled in early 2011 due to “changes in the market”.

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How to build a ZPG Z-Pocket Game Handheld

zpg z-pocket game

The video below shows how to build a ZPG Z-Pocket Game almost in its entirety. It takes the assembler roughly 5 hours from start to end, and at around 41 mins you can see that the donor motherboard is harvested from a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. This means that the ZPG runs on a Snapdragon 800 series SoC with a 2.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8974 quad core CPU.

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The Super Retro Game Handheld Gets A D-Pad (Sort Of)

It was previously rumoured that the Super Retro Game handheld released back in November was a prototype. There were plans to release the official device complete with a real d-pad at a later date. Although nobody seems to know (or is willing to tell) the real story behind this device, it looks as though the d-pad version has finally been released. Sort of.

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The Odroid-Go Advance Has A Long Journey Ahead

Hardkernel have kicked off 2020 with the surprise release of their new Linux powered handheld – the Odroid-Go Advance. This is the second handheld from HardKernel and promises to deliver magnitudes more raw power than it’s older brother. I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now. It’s a very impressive handheld in many areas, but the Odroid-Go Advance has a long journey ahead. Read on for the Odroid-Go Advance hands on and review.

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The New PocketGo Review

New PocketGo Rogue

I am probably the last person on the internet to review this handheld. I was in two minds whether it was worth it at this stage. The main reason for the extreme lateness of this review are the problems I had with the d-pad and buttons. I thought that this was only an issue with the pre-production units, so I waited patiently for a replacement. Unfortunately it looks like some retail versions are affected by unresponsive buttons as well. My second replacement New PocketGo is a little better, but still not perfect. Read on for my New PocketGo Review.

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