The Archos GamePad, More Tablet Gaming On The Move

Certainly not the first and probably not the last either, in the last few days Archos has announced it’s own take on the tablet gaming phenomenon. The Archos GamePad is an upcoming 7″ tablet with gaming controls integrated. It’ll cost about $250 and boasts a dual 1.5Ghz processor and the quad core variant of the …

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A Real Android Home Console Is On Its Way

On July 10th a little known company launched their Kickstarter project with a view to raising $950,000 towards their Nvidia Tegra 3 Android Home Console, named Ouya. The following 24 hours took everybody by surprise as it was announced that their goal had been smashed and $2,850,000 had been pledged towards their project. As of writing, the fund continues to rise and well over $4,500,000 has been pledged. What does this tell you? Well for starters, Kickstarter is proving to be an excellent way of getting solid fledgling projects off the ground, and secondly – a tonne of people are very interested in an Android home console. Especially when it’s promised to cost only $99.

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1GB Version Of MK802 Lands At Lightake, 512MB Version At DX

It’s been available on sites like Aliexpress and Taobao for a while now, but if like me you’ve been waiting for a real outlet to start selling this delightfully portable Android PC – you’re in luck. You can now stop waiting and start deciding which version you’re going to grab – because both DealExtreme and …

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JXD S601 In Depth…

I found this on Youtube yesterday and thought it was quite informative. At least it’s the best demo video we have of the device so far. Thanks to BAFelton for making it.

JXD Jump On The Android Bandwagon

JXD S7100

The first is the JXD S7100 which surfaced online a few weeks ago. At the time I was too unimpressed to bother posting anything about it, but I’ll bundle it into this thread for those few that haven’t already seen it elsewhere. I’m assuming that JXD modelled this thing on what the Nintendo WiiU controller is supposed to look like, because otherwise I cannot fathom a reason for making a handheld so big and bizarre looking. It’s pretty much an 800×480 7″ Android 2.2 tablet with some rudimentary gaming buttons slapped onto the front. Spec lists report it as running on an ARM Cortex A9 clocked at 1Ghz (don’t hold me to it) coupled with ARM’s Mali-400 3D GPU, which is also widely used in smartphones and budget tablets. Read on for pics and videos…

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Window N50 Review (Tl;Dr, it’s pretty good).

Before we get started I think it’d be worthwhile identifying the purpose of a 5 inch tablet. A lot of you with high end smart phones might wonder why anyone would need one of these, and I agree that there is a huge overlap between smartphones and these 5 inch Android tabs. But aside from the uncontrollable gadget lust that forces me to part with my cash every once in a while, it does have its niche to fill.
When I was a kid I always wanted a PMP. I remember ogling over various Archos, Creative and RCA players on ebay – 10 years later I still wanted one, despite owning a smartphone. I can’t speak for all current or previous generation phones out there but in the case of my HTC Desire (and some current generation smartphones that my friends own) it is useless as a PMP. The sound quality through speaker is abysmal, through headphones it’s dull and flat. Its video capabilities are lack lustre at best and even if they weren’t then the battery would probably let me down before a movie had finished anyway. Phones have a long way to go before they can call themselves competitive MP3 or video players.

So this is where the niche lies. A large screened but pocketable device with good sound quality, almost limitless video capabilities and a battery that isn’t going to roll over and die half way through a film. Can it be done? And more importantly can it be done well? Read on for a brick wall of text…

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The Gamebox and its Chinese Namesake.

Over on the Open Pandora forums is some talk revolving around a new games console made by a little known company called ‘Envizions’. Whilst they have apparently had a foray into the Open Source console gaming scene a few years ago, I have to admit I’d never heard of them until today. It appears that they are an American firm who’s aim is a release an Android based gaming system that plugs into your television (ie not a handheld). The founder and CEO of the company, Derrick Samuels, asks us for monetary support in the following video. Now, I don’t know about you but if I was CEO of the company I’d certainly try a little harder to stop calling it a Gaybox. Lol.

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