Nvidia Project Shield – A Wee Update!

Just this minute I received an email from the Project Shield subscription, and for anyone who didn’t sign up but is interested to hear what they have to say – here it is.

We’re getting closer to the launch of our NVIDIA┬« Tegra┬« 4-powered Project SHIELD portable gaming console, so we thought you’d like to get a sneak peek into the manufacturing process.

The photo you see below shows the production mold that’s used to craft the ergonomic casing that houses Project SHIELD’s high-powered components: Tegra 4, 5-inch 720p HD retinal touchscreen, Stereo Bass Reflex Speakers, WiFi, accelerometer, gyro, a massive battery, and more.

To create the casing, we inject a polycarbonate material into the RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding) tool at 10,800 PSI and 300 degrees Celsius. We use a polycarbonate mixture comprised of 90% Sabic 500ECR-739 PC and 10% glass. This material and injection molding process ensures a sturdy yet lightweight casing that will deliver hours of gaming with no fatigue.


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