GCW Zero Final Payments Made, Release Date Announced

The GCW Zero¬†slipped its late August release date as most people thought it would, but just a couple of days ago invoices were sent out requesting the final payments for the device. We are told that the Linux driven handheld will now ship on October 1st from the USA. The GCW Zero is a project …

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A $10 Open Source Handheld? Hmmmm.

Robert Pelloni, the author of Bob’s Game¬†(read the video description for more info if you’re wondering what the hell it is) is leading a team of ambitious individuals to launch an Open Source handheld that will supposedly retail for as little as $10. The theory is that they’ll sell them at cost price. The spirit behind this device is a heart warming one: An Open Source handheld whose games will be lovingly made and sold by indie developers via an appstore of some sort. Anyone can sell software for the machine. Premium titles might even come bundled with a free console, that’s how cheaply they are hoping to manufacture these things. The name of the machine is the ‘nD’ (read: inDie) and they reckon it’ll be ready either Q4 2011 or Q1 2012. Developers are said to have working prototypes for their own use currently, and they say they’ll have some to show us soon.

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Ingenic Launch Their New SoC, The JZ4770. With 3D GFX Acceleration.

Ingenic have been hard at work by the looks of it, their website shows details of a new SoC released on Jun 4th – the JZ4770. This is at least 3 generations from the JZ4750 found in our beloved Dingoo A320, and this time promises OpenGL ES1.0 and 2.0 3D acceleration, coupled with an Xburst 1Ghz CPU, support for DDR2 memory and a bunch of other stuff that makes not a jot of sense to me. Read on to see what they have to say about it:

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Let The Confusion Commence.

Remember the ridiculous squabbling around the 2 different versions of the Dingoo A320 last year? Well brace yourself because I feel we’re in for another bumpy ride in the coming months. The user ‘dingootech’ on the dingoonity forums is part of the Chinese firm that splintered away from Dingoo Digital and formed the new company …

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Panasonic Ventures Into New Territory – The Jungle

Well this is an unlikely and rather surprising turn up for the books. Japanese firm Panasonic (or their newly founded offshoot company ‘Panasonic Cloud Entertainment’) are reportedly working on a new handheld device with the sole purpose of playing MMO games on the go. The machine is said to run on Linux, have a super high resolution screen and a full keyboard as well as gaming controls of some sort.

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