Chinese Gadget Shops

Below is a dump of the Chinese gadget shops I have in my bookmarks. I’ve bought something from all of these at one time or another. Be aware though that shipping from China can sometimes take a very long time. Christmas and Chinese New Year (mid Jan to mid Feb) are particularly slow times. Mostly though, you can expect to have your gadget in a couple of weeks or less.

Some of these links are affiliate links, this is because these are my favourite and most trusted stores. If you buy from these, I will get a (very) small cut to keep this site alive and it won’t cost you anything extra.

My favourites at the top, starting with Aliexpress. Aliexpress is unlike the rest in that it could be considered more like Amazon but with only 3rd party sellers. You can find everything here, and often it is cheaper than anywhere else too. Just be aware that the site is made up of many sellers, check their ratings if you’re unsure. The Customer Service here is very good – if a seller does you wrong you will 99% of the time get a full refund.


The next four are the rest of my favourites. Fasttech is by far my favourite of these 4, if only for their lively forum and excellent customer service. I have spent thousands at FT and they have earned my absolute trust over the years. Banggood bring up a close second for their amazingly varied selection of stuff.


The best of the rest includes shops I have used before and had success with. In the event that a return or refund was required, I’ve successfully navigated their Customer Service and gotten a satisfactory result.

Deal Extreme
Focal Price
Light In The Box
NDS Card
Sourcing Map
Super UFO
Tiny Deal
3f Vape