SoC Benchmarks For Handhelds

SoC benchmarks for handhelds don’t always translate into real world user experience, but they can be helpful to get an idea of how performance may differ from device to device. 2021 saw the announcement and launch of handhelds containing a much wider selection of SoCs than in the past. Gone are the days of the constant and continuous Ingenic and RK3326 iterations. We are lucky to be experiencing a handheld boom right now, with many different manufacturers settling on different hardware solutions. Below is a chart showing performance of all the chips currently available or announced.

With the aforementioned caveat of benchmarks not always equating to real world experience in mind, it should also be noted that some of these benchmarks are averages that I have taken from a multitude of results over the web. At some point I will cite each result with a source, but for now this is what there is.

Geekbench 5 Scores For Common Handheld SOCs