The TrimUI Model S Review

TrimUI Model S

The TrimUI Model S is one of those handhelds that just appeared out of nowhere at the end of last year. Not much was known about the company behind it or the device itself. Now that it’s been available for a few months and the software has matured a little, let’s take a proper look at the little gadget.

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The PocketGo S30 Tries To Keep Things Simple

PocketGo S30 Review

When rumblings of the PocketGo S30 first started it was due to be another RK3326 OGA clone device. They even went with the same 3:2 ratio 480×320 display in preparation. But I know from speaking to the BittBoy/PocketGo team that they’re not keen on EmuELEC as it can be difficult to get to grips with. At some point they decided to try and keep things simple by going a different direction, whilst for whatever reason (possibly price) also going with different hardware.

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The Value Proposition? A Look At The Family Pocket FC3000

Family Pocket FC3000 Retro Gaming Handheld

We’ve all become quite used to a bit of a fanfare when a new handheld gets announced. Promo videos, pre-orders, even the occasional countdown. But sometimes one just appears out of nowhere, and in those cases they’re usually not worth the plastic they’re made from. But not always! Let’s have a look at the Family Pocket FC3000.

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PowKiddy V90 Review

PowKiddy V90 GBA SP Lookalike

The PowKiddy V90 quietly appeared on AliExpress a few weeks ago now. Styled after the GBA SP, this little clamshell handheld piqued some interest due in part to its smart looking design and low price. Read on for the PowKiddy V90 review.

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The Anbernic RG350M Review

rg350m review

I know I’m late to the party with this one, but it would be a shame to not review the RG350M. Some of the recent reviews on this site haven’t been what you would call glowing, and it’s rare that you come across a handheld quite as good as this. So to prove I’m not just an old stick in the mud who likes to whinge, have a read of some nice things I have to say in the Anbernic RG350M review.

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The Supbor Q400 Review

Q400 Review

On the face of it the Q400 has a lot of things going for it. It was always going to be overshadowed somewhat by the more powerful RK2020, but judged on its own merit it’s quite an intriguing little machine. Unfortunately it hasn’t panned out well for the Q400 yet. I haven’t written it off yet though, there may be hope. Read on for the Supbor Q400 review.

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