GPD Smashes Targets Again With Their Metal Body UMPC

GPD’s new Indiegogo campaign has been open only a few hours and they’ve almost reached their $200k target already. The GPD Pocket is a 7 inch magnesium alloy clad UMPC which borrows its design heavily from the era of the Sony Vaio P. The UMPC and Netbook suffered early deaths when Tablets hit the market, and for me this is a welcome return of a neat and capable form factor. It can run both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 but looking at their campaign, you must choose which OS you would like before you order.

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GPD WIN Begins Shipping

Pretty much right on schedule, GPD have begun shipping their Windows 10 handhelds out. In true crowd funding style, many backers are still waiting for theirs to ship whilst others have simply bought one from a store and received it already. I feel your pain (I pre-ordered a Pandora back in 2008). Videos began cropping …

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