Battle of the Giants – GPD Win 3 and Aya Neo on the horizon

The last couple of days have seen the confirmation of two new Windows based handhelds due to be released soon. GPD return with their highly anticipated Win 3, whereas newcomers to the game AYA are set to release the AYA NEO in China very soon.

These aren’t run of the mill handhelds for us mere mortals. Both of these machines are packing powerful PC based hardware and run an OS to match, with both devices running on Windows 10. GPD have opted for an as yet unconfirmed Tiger Lake U CPU from Intel, whereas the AYA NEO will contain AMD’s Ryzen 5 4500U.


CPUIntel Tiger Lake U (?)AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
GPUIntel Iris XeAMD Vega 6
Screen5.5″ 1280×7207″ 1280×800
RAM16GB LPDDR4x 4266Mhz16GB LPDDR4x 4266Mhz
StorageNVMe / MicroSDXC512GB M.2 2280
Internet / BluetoothWiFi 6 / Bluetooth 5WiFi 6 / Bluetooth 5
Size~210mm x ~92mm x ?255mm x 106mm x 20mm

One of the biggest differences between these devices is the presence of a keyboard on the GPD device. The LCD slides vertically to reveal a small but functional looking keyboard underneath. Both devices contain a multi-touch capacitive touch screen but the AYA NEO doesn’t have a built in keyboard.

GPD WIN 3 Windows Handheld

The AYA NEO “Founders Edition” is currently available for pre-order but only to Chinese residents. The Founders Edition is selling to those eager buyers for $600. It’s not yet known if it will make it’s way to the West but it’s likely to cost a lot more if it does. The maker has stated that the $600 early backers price was an under estimate of the costs, and further batches will cost more. If the maker decides to release the AYA NEO to us Westerners, he has said it will likely be via a crowd funding site such as IndieGoGo.

AYA NEO Windows Gaming Handheld

The price of the Win 3 is not yet known, but we can perhaps expect to see a couple of variants to cater for different budgets. This machine will be widely available worldwide and will very likely cost a lot more than the AYA NEO.


The latest GPD Win 3 info was recently leaked on a Chinese forum, which prompted the video below. The Phawx has gone over all of the leaked info in this video, and shows how the device has evolved since its inception.

Likewise, the AYA NEO made its official debut on YouTube recently with the maker discussing the route he took to get the device in to mass production.

It’ll be interesting to see what impact these handhelds have on the market, if any. Their price makes them rather exclusive and they cater to a different type of gamer compared to the cheaper Chinese handhelds. Obviously emulation on these handhelds is going to be exceptionally good, but I feel that most buyers will be more interested in the performance of AAA PC titles. That’s what they’re really designed for, after all.

15 thoughts on “Battle of the Giants – GPD Win 3 and Aya Neo on the horizon”

  1. Wish GPD used the screen used on the Win 2 , it’s slightly bigger and a great screen.
    Going to a smaller screen will tough and Windows 10 on a small screen isn’t easy on the eyes.

    • It definitely has a mid-2000s vibe, I know what you mean. It also reminds me of that Archos GamePad thing from years ago, although it somehow it looks worse.

      • I own the Archos GamePad and like it’s stylings quite a bit. Smooth, clean lines and because it’s silver in color, fingerprints don’t show up as much. Same with the white version of the JXD S7300C.

    • That’s not a bad thing. The Sony VIAO had it’s uses and was a very cool little miniPC and could do much more than most gave it credit for. About the devices in this article, I like both of these devices but for different reasons. The keyboard and slide up screen of the GPD Win3 is excellent! Ideally, I would love to see the GPD Win3 but with Android and an ARM CPU/GPU. Maybe AndroidX86 can work if installed?


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