Is This The Fabled GPD XD2?

These photographs surfaced yesterday, claiming to be images of the fabled GPD XD2 Android handheld. Could it be?

The GPD XD2 has been a perpetual rumour for many years, but for a long time it seemed GPD might have moved on to new pastures. Their series of small Windows laptops and hybrid handhelds have certainly done very well in the past few years.

It was starting to seem as though they’d moved on from Android gaming devices, but still the rumours continued. Fuelled by years worth of allusions to a new XD on social media, GPD have kept the conversation surrounding this potential successor going. And if these images can be believed, it looks as though we’re close to seeing a GPD XD2 fairly soon.

Very early images of a GPD XD2 concept from 2018 showed detachable controllers, just like the Nintendo Switch. These images below first surfaced a long time ago and were all we had until yesterday.

If these new images are to be believed, the design concept has changed a lot in the past few years. One striking feature of this unit is the sheer width of the screen. The device also retains the interchangeable controllers of the earlier prototype. It appears to demonstrate that there will be additional controls available for the right hand side of the device.

GPD XD2 Gaming Handheld

The little info currently available suggests that this handheld will cost a similar amount as the XD+ did when it was launched. It is also said that it will be more powerful than the Moqi i7s.

GPD XD2 Widescreen Gaming Handheld

The Phawx put together a video with more photographs of this new handheld earlier. It is confirmed to be the GPD XD2 in its most recent form. This may change before release though, as explained in the video.

I’ll be sure to update this post as more news comes in, and you can get back to it quickly via the “Forthcoming Handhelds” menu.

6 thoughts on “Is This The Fabled GPD XD2?”

  1. I honestly wish they stuck to the clamshell design. It’s way more compact when folded up than this thing ever will be and it protects the controls and the screen to boot.

  2. *sigh* If only I was a handheld game console designer…
    I’d be making Compute Module 4 systems in all colors, shapes and flavors, all with high quality buttons, proper d-pad placements, ergonomics, nice IPS screens… welp, I hope all these designers have made enough consoles to learn what makes true handhelds and are ready to make justice with the CM4!


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