A Blast from the Past: The Revo K101+ GBA Clone returns

How time flies. It was nearly 8 years ago that the original Revo K101 GBA clone made its debut on this site. The handheld has been out of production for the past few years, but out of nowhere it has made a return – apparently with some improvements too.

Back in 2012 GBA emulator clones were very common. Those machines mostly used slow Ingenic JZ4725 chips which provided mediocre to passable performance. Born out of a love for the GBA hardware, the K101 sought to provide the best GBA experience outside of using a genuine console. By reverse engineering the real GBA hardware, the K101 was able to provide almost perfect performance for GBA games.

Revo K101+ Retro Gaming Handheld GBA Clone

The K101+ came out in around 2015 and fixed some hardware bugs, but around 2017 the device faded away and it became increasingly hard to source. MaxZhou88 was the guy behind firmware, and he continued to release updates well into the handheld’s twilight years.


It’s with some surprise (and a serious amount of nostalgia) that we see the Revo K101+ make a comeback in 2020. Is there a place for a machine like this now? I can almost hear them saying “It ONLY plays GBA…?”. The truth is, this is one of the most niche handhelds in an already super niche market. I’m glad it exists, but I think it might struggle.

GBA hardware clone Revo K101+ Gaming handheld
Revo K101 Plus GBA Clone

Regardless, the new Revo K101+ GBA clone is available to order right now, for $76. It comes in two new designs, the Famicom style and original GBA purple style. Personally I think the Famicom version looks the best. This latest version apparently has an improved d-pad and less wobbly shoulder buttons. The RTC is retained from the previous version too. You can also link to other consoles (authentic or clones) using the built in link port, and it charges with a mini USB cable. The Revo K101+ plays official GBA cartridges, or your own ROMs courtesy of the supplied K-Card.

Revo K101+ Famicom Style GBA Handheld

19 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past: The Revo K101+ GBA Clone returns”

  1. Do you know where to source a purple unit? or even an original k101 in black or something? I can only find the famicom style and dont like it

  2. After hearing there was a production delay, I’m a little worried now. I placed an order last night, I hope they’ll contact me with details soon.

  3. Has anyone ordered it after this article and actually received it? I placed an order back when this article was new on oct 14, and have yet to actually receive the item or hear any updates other than it’s out of stock and will be available sometime in early November (which we’re rapidly moving past). The link also doesn’t say there are stock issues and it’s still available for purchase, so I figured I’d ask on the article incase anyone like me ordered it after seeing this page.

    I had the original Revo 101k from back in 2015 and loved it, unfortunately it was lost in a move 3 years ago (I’m like 99% sure one of my old roommates stole it but that’s a whole other can of worms)

  4. This takes me back. I bought the original Revo K1 based on the articles posted here lol.

    I love the Famicon styled version a lot, but I don’t know if I could buy it. It’s great for GBA to TV, especially if you don’t own a GameCube Gameboy player, but that’s still rather niche. With so many systems now that play GBA games via emulation, this is only for the purists… who also want a third party alternative to the original.

    If it was an android system though, that famicom style would be enough for me to sink money into it.

  5. I have an original it’s a great emulator screen is Sharp and Bright, has many options including screen frames, aspect ratio, accurate clock TV out..
    besides Gameboy GBA, Gameboy Color, I’ve loaded Nestor J, Sega game gear, Master system Roms (no Atari Lynx tho) and can play MP3’s view photos documents etc..
    And if this new one has better controls it’s definitely worth the price Imho.

  6. Awesome. I’ll buy this one.

    I dont like the DIGI Retroboy clicky dpad. Also not possible to press up + left or right for example.
    So I hope this one is better.


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