The RG351P Is Now Available

Hot on the heels of the ZPG Pro announcement, here comes news of another machine due soon. The RG351P is another handheld based on the OGA hardware, and using a similar shell as the RG350.

Someone on the Baidu forums posted a Chinese language version of the below image. It gives us a little insight in to what else might be in the works from the Anbernic camp. The image is fairly self explanatory, but I’ve translated it to English never the less.

RG351 Naming Convention

Historically there are some exceptions to these rules, for example the RG300 was JZ4760 not JZ4770, and it was not suffixed with a “V”. The original RG350 isn’t suffixed with a P either. But we can take this as a rule of thumb for future devices.


Rumours state that the RG351P will be released at the end of August, but we don’t yet know the exact configuration. It is likely to be a P(lastic) device initially, and I would expect to see the RG350 shell being re-used. Hopefully it’ll be a new mould with the d-pad at the top, like the RG350M. Interestingly, it has been said that the RG351P will have dual analog sticks. This would be a first for OGA clones, and would be very well received.

Whilst the RG351P is just another OGA clone, Anbernic do have a pretty good track record. I would hope that this will be the benchmark for future devices. 2020 will be the year of the OGA clones, you can expect to see at least another one popping up very shortly courtesy of PowKiddy.

It also looks as though there may be a MediaTek (MTK) handheld in the works too. We’ll have to wait and see what the RG352 may be, perhaps another Android device?

UPDATE 2020/08/19


Images here tell us a variety of things including:

  • CPU and other components seem to have proper heat dissipation.
  • Retail units appear to have only one MicroSD card slot.
  • The stock system will probably be EmuELEC.
  • Proof of concept firmwares include Android (LineageOS).
  • Proof of concept firmware appears to show OpenDingux running on ARM for the first time.
  • The shell looks to be somewhere between RG350 and RG280 in size.
  • They’ve opted for an analog volume wheel.
  • This will be the first RK3326 device with dual analog sticks.
  • The RG351P has built in WiFi.

Update 2020/09/15


As of mid september, the RG351 is available to order. It comes in White, Black and the classic GBA purple. At $109.99 it’s the most expensive of the RK3326 machines so far, but will it live up to the hefty price tag? We’ll have to wait and see.

Be sure to use the coupon code OBSCURE if you buy from for some money off your purchase! Links at the bottom of the page.

Update 2020/09/22

There are various rumours going around that all shipments (including those from the Anbernic store on AliExpress apparently) are delayed whilst Anbernic fix some issues relating to WiFi. Strangely, I have also seen remarks around a d-pad fix from two different sources. Take this info with a pinch of salt, but it would explain the delays in shipping out.

Update 2020/09/23

This screenshot is allegedly a message from the Anbernic store.

Update 2020/09/24

Well it’s already turning into a bit of a shit show. Anbernic have decided to remove the WiFi from this device at the 11th hour, citing problems with noise interference whilst in use. Supposedly disabling the WiFi solves the problem, but for whatever reason they’ve decided to remove the module altogether. Retailers are offering order cancellations, or a $10 discount to keep the order active. Whatskogame have emailed their customers (top tip to Whatskogame, use BCC lol) and offered this solution already. I believe the Anbernic AliExpress store have done the same.

At this point it looks as though some units will be shipped with WiFi, and some without. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I find it really confusing that Anbernic didn’t spot this problem until launch date.

48 thoughts on “The RG351P Is Now Available”

    • They’re messing me around as well. Shame because they were very forthcoming with comms when pre-orders opened but it’s radio silence now. I’ll give them another week and then cancel my pre-order.

      • I ordered mine from Whatskogame a few days ago. It seems like they’re getting mine ready to ship, I got a tracking number earlier today.

          • I’d ordered an RG350M from Whatskogame after comparing models in this post. The order went in on Oct 3rd and I received a tracking # on Oct 7th… but when I try to look up the #, different tracking site say that the label status is still ‘pending.’

            I emailed Whatskogame on Oct 20th but no reply… anyone actually ever received an order from them? I’m not sure if I’m just being impatient or if this is a red flag and I should try to cancel (not clear how to do that other than via Paypal though).

          • The shipped my rg351p and it arrived. They weren’t great at communication though. Have you checked on 17track?

  1. Can any of these handhelds play network games against each other, whether via wifi or USB cable? Like could I get two of them so my kids could play each other, either an emulated game like Game Boy F-1 Race, or a “native” game like SuperTux Kart Racing?

    • It appears the Retroid Pocket 2 has this ability. Maybe make your way to their site and check out the status on their bluetooth or wifi links.

  2. Pre-ordered this from Retromimi and they just responded that it will NOT have Wifi. Then they told me they would give a $5 discount. I told them to refund the money… I’m still waiting on a response.

  3. Dropped a preorder on Whatsko. With the OBSCURE coupon code, it’s just a smidge over $100, shipped. Overall not too shabby. I’ve spent at least that trying to modify my OGAbe, so it’ll be nice to have a nice, complete unit.

    • I ordered from there too. Bit of a gamble, especially on an early unit but Anbernic have a decent track record. Looking forward to receiving it (in about a month probably).

      • I’m pretty disappointed in the performance I’ve seen out of early videos so far. Also, they’re claiming things that don’t seem possible with this unit and it’s definitely not (at the moment) open source.

        For the price, the Retroid Pocket 2 is hands down superior in every way possible in my opinion. Not to mention the Retroid is currently $30 cheaper!

        I wanted this to be good but it appears to struggle mightly on most N64 titles with glitches and random pauses mid-gameplay which is unacceptable, especially considering the price and other competition.

  4. Well I just noticed in the comparison with 350P that since the screen has the same diagonal but wider aspect, it’s actually shorter vertically, therefore 4:3 games will be slightly smaller than on the 350 🙁

  5. Looks interesting, but I’ll stay off ANBERNIC for a while, at lease until they release a version with 640×480 LCD. I hate to say it but I’m really not a big fan of the OGA weird 320×480 res after all.

      • You’d probably have to settle for 800×480 in that case, I don’t think anyone makes a 720×480 screen, but I agree. It seems like the best compromise. Perfect integer scaling for classic consoles (with black bars) but still ok for GBA.

        • >You’d probably have to settle for 800×480 in that case, I don’t think anyone makes a 720×480 screen, but I agree.

          Agreed, but that may increase the price dramatically. 640×480 seems like an acceptable compromise, imho.

    • Looks cool. I really like my OGA, but the build quality (especially after a couple of iterations cracking it open) is really lame compared to my RG350.

      Personally I like the 3:2 ratio, you get pixel perfect GBA and CPS, and plays nicely with PS1 NTSC.

    • Apparently that post was made by 周哥 himself, so it is true after all, anyway I still won’t buy it because the GBA only screen resolution and that UGLY logo.

  6. I really hope they keep the RG350M form factor with the second analogue stick and 640×480 screen. If it become a more direct clone of OGA, with one stick and the weird 320×480 resolution, Anbernic loses all its appeal.

  7. How closely are they cloning the OGA with this? Same screen res or will this be keeping the 640×480 screen from the RG350M?

      • I’d love to see an handheld with a 4:3 960×720 screen, that would fit pixel perfect Game Boy (x5) at full display height, and pixel perfect GBA at full display with (x4). It will also allow pixel perfect Game Gear with non square pixel at (x6,x5) covering the entire screen. And will all those horizontal lines it could stretch better Genesis, Neo Geo and other CRT games


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