The Chip That Never Dies – Anbernic RG280V

RG280V Retro Handheld Gaming Console

Before the RG351P was confirmed, a version of this chart was posted on Baidu. It shows the naming convention for Anbernic’s handhelds past and present. The inclusion of a “V” for vertical raised a few eyebrows, as the RG300 didn’t make use of that particular nomenclature. It was of course speculated that a vertical machine was in the pipeline from them, and here it is – the Anbernic RG280V.

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The Anbernic RG350M Review

rg350m review

I know I’m late to the party with this one, but it would be a shame to not review the RG350M. Some of the recent reviews on this site haven’t been what you would call glowing, and it’s rare that you come across a handheld quite as good as this. So to prove I’m not just an old stick in the mud who likes to whinge, have a read of some nice things I have to say in the Anbernic RG350M review.

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Aluminium alloy version of the RG-350 now available!

RG350 - The best open source handheld under $90

It was only a matter of time after seeing these on Baidu. Many people were clamouring for the all metal version of the RG-350 and now here it is. For $129.99 shipped it’s not a bad deal but it would be great if they’d sell the shells separately too. I’m not sure what’s going on …

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