RG350M Now Officially Released

As mentioned in the previous post, the PowKiddy and Anbernic stores on AliExpress have officially released the RG350M.

For $135 you get a much improved aesthetic over the original RG350, as well as a 640×480 display and new low profile analog sticks. The RG350M is currently available in a space gray aluminium alloy shell, and looks amazing for it.

Whilst it can’t hold a candle to the power of the Odroid-Go Advance, the RG350M is probably the best of the Ingenic JZ4770 devices in terms of design and functionality – and it certainly still has its place in the retro handheld arena.

RG350M Plastic Mockup
We’re all hoping for a plastic version of the RG350M!

There’s no word of a plastic shell version of this revamped model yet. In fact the “M” implies it may only be metal, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see plastic shells pop up in the coming weeks or months. For now, head on over to AliExpress to check out the heavy metal beast in all its glory.

Which store to go for? Just go with whichever is cheapest on the day, prices will probably vary now that the RG350M is officially released.

7 thoughts on “RG350M Now Officially Released”

  1. It’s still gonna be a pass for me… why do the makers of these devices insist on puting controls on the bottom of the device like this? there’s no way to hold it for extended gaming without feeling like my thumbs are being broken. it’s the very reason I ditched my PSP litterally days after buying it!

  2. Do you know of a compatibility list for PS1 (via psx4all or whatever) running on the JZ4770? I have an LDK with a JZ4760 and it’s just okay, but I’m curious about the gains between the two chips.


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