The Anbernic RG300X Pokes At Your Game Boy Micro Nostalgia

Anbernic RG300X

While we wait for this promised influx of powerful new handhelds to arrive, the drip feed of machines powered by relics of the past continues. One of these new offerings is the Anbernic RG300X and takes the form of a scaled up Game Boy Micro. Once rumoured to be using a newer and more powerful Ingenic chip, the latest leaks about this handheld suggest otherwise.

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The Chip That Never Dies – Anbernic RG280V

RG280V Retro Handheld Gaming Console

Before the RG351P was confirmed, a version of this chart was posted on Baidu. It shows the naming convention for Anbernic’s handhelds past and present. The inclusion of a “V” for vertical raised a few eyebrows, as the RG300 didn’t make use of that particular nomenclature. It was of course speculated that a vertical machine was in the pipeline from them, and here it is – the Anbernic RG280V.

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The Anbernic RG350M Review

rg350m review

I know I’m late to the party with this one, but it would be a shame to not review the RG350M. Some of the recent reviews on this site haven’t been what you would call glowing, and it’s rare that you come across a handheld quite as good as this. So to prove I’m not just an old stick in the mud who likes to whinge, have a read of some nice things I have to say in the Anbernic RG350M review.

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The New PocketGo Review

New PocketGo Rogue

I am probably the last person on the internet to review this handheld. I was in two minds whether it was worth it at this stage. The main reason for the extreme lateness of this review are the problems I had with the d-pad and buttons. I thought that this was only an issue with the pre-production units, so I waited patiently for a replacement. Unfortunately it looks like some retail versions are affected by unresponsive buttons as well. My second replacement New PocketGo is a little better, but still not perfect. Read on for my New PocketGo Review.

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