HDMI Output Now Working for RG350 and RG350M

It’s been 8 months since the original RG350 was released with a non-functioning HDMI port, but Chinese devs have finally solved it. We’ve been teased with videos recently, and finally the code has been released to enable HDMI Output for RG350 and RG350M.

It’s worth noting the description under the YouTube video. They state that this is only working reliably with the stock firmware right now.

The consequences of running this code on RetroFW, Rogue or any other custom firmware are “irreversible” according to the text file supplied with the patch.

What this means exactly we don’t know, but be warned!

Links to the files are in the video description and I’ve also linked them below.


Bear in mind that this is still an beta release, and you should fully expect it to be janky right now. In fact the text file lays out with reasonable clarity what settings are required in each emulator for the HDMI output to work correctly.

Unfortunately I don’t see any link to the source code for this patch, so currently we’re relying on the Chinese developers to make further improvements. Hopefully in time they will release the source so that our developers can help as well.

This is a nice surprise for everyone who bought an RG350 or more recently an RG350M. It adds functionality that arguably should have been available to begin with, but better late than never hey?

The RG350 and RG350M are still widely available to purchase, and community development is as strong as ever. This is likely to be one of the best and one of the last Ingenic JZ4770 handhelds so if you’ve been sat on the fence, now’s a great time to grab one.

They can both be got direct from Anbernic on AliExpress and on Amazon.

RG350 / RG350M

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    • Very good question, and I would have to guess the answer is no right now. If it won’t even work on Rogue or RetroFW then it’s unlikely to work on other hardware (even though the other hardware is almost the same).


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