The New PocketGo Review

New PocketGo Rogue

I am probably the last person on the internet to review this handheld. I was in two minds whether it was worth it at this stage. The main reason for the extreme lateness of this review are the problems I had with the d-pad and buttons. I thought that this was only an issue with the pre-production units, so I waited patiently for a replacement. Unfortunately it looks like some retail versions are affected by unresponsive buttons as well. My second replacement New PocketGo is a little better, but still not perfect. Read on for my New PocketGo Review.

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New PocketGo pre-orders go live

If you’re one of the ones that couldn’t get over the weird control layout of the RG350 then the New PocketGo might be your thing. It has the same JZ4770 processor so you can expect decent SNES and PS1 performance from this handheld, and the first 1000 units are available for pre-order now for $54.99 …

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