The PlayGo Is An All Black PocketGo V2

Whilst the New PocketGo V2 is now shipping from RetroMimi, it’s currently only available in the grey colour scheme. If black is more your thing, you might be interested in the PlayGo branded version from AliExpress instead.

The hardware powering these devices is identical, so you can expect the same performance from each. In Taki’s video he shows some extra screw mounts on the PlayGo, and the retail PocketGo V2 will also have these.

PlayGo Handheld

I’ve had a non-retail PocketGo V2 for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been reluctant to review it due to this. My prototype unit had issues due to the lack of extra mounts. The non-retail units only have 2 visible screws and 2 under the battery door.

PocketGo V2 Prototype

Thankfully RetroMimi already told me that their production units will have the extra two screw mounts. Whether they’ll also have the new LCD and board revision, I don’t know. I guess the factory would prefer to only manufacture one version, so it’s likely that the new revision will be in the retail PocketGo V2 too.

Either way, it’s not worth getting hung up on these minor revisions. The performance and stability of these versions should be identical, it’s simply a matter of preference. Personally I prefer the grey version from RetroMimi. I believe that the retail units from there will ship out with the rainbow buttons too, just like the v1.

Both versions are available right now, and alongside the RG350 they represent some of the best in Open Source handhelds. The JZ4770 is a powerful processor and we can expect to see long term support for these handhelds well in to 2020 and probably beyond.

14 thoughts on “The PlayGo Is An All Black PocketGo V2”

  1. Someone can Help me please ?
    I bought a black playgo (because i love black shell) from ali, and it arrive me some days ago.
    There is no way to read any micro SD in the second slot….i think second SD slot is broken…not work 🙁
    I try with more than one micro SD, 16-32-64 GB ….and make more and more attempt but nothing.
    I also installed Rogue cfw on those sd card and it work ok in the first slot…but the second slot seems dead….so i can’t add opk and roms.
    I write a message to seller, in first time he answer me and ask also a video….i do…but no answer.
    I’am very disappointed for that.

  2. I have the finished Pocket Go V2 and it’s one of the best “cheap handhelds” I’ve purchased. PS1 emulation is spot on, and the controls are pretty good. The analog stick is pants though, as it’s slippery and way to stiff. I know. That’s what she said.

  3. I’ve tried to buy the PlayGo twice now from this exact listing and store. Both times my payment has been rejected and my order closed. I’m trying to get into the handheld emulator scene and have never bought anything from AliExpress before. Is there some sort of secret to buying from AliExpress that I’m missing?? Is paying the extra fee for Paypal actually the better option that will actually get them to approve my order??

    • What country are you from? I’ve never had a problem paying with my card in the UK. If PayPal isn’t too much more, maybe go for that. Extra level of protection too I suppose

      • The US. Other people have suggested I try PayPal as well. I guess I’ll have to give it a shot, it’s not that big a difference.
        Thanks for confirming my suspicion that this isn’t normal though!

  4. This is going to be my first opendingux handheld, thanks for the heads up! Is there a good place to read about how updating the software and stuff works? Taki Udon said that a lot of the improvements made with the 350 software should just be transferrable over I think?

  5. Bittboy has a strange way of communicating, very little information and models that come out every month … I pre-ordered a new pocketgo and I already regret …

      • I prefer the black version and the first feedback from the first batch on quality is rather mixed (poorly glued screen, rough assemblies, poorly put Dpad silicone, etc.). I had the first pocketgo, I sold it immediately, it was worth nothing. Bittboy does not have a good reputation and does not care about buyers.

        • The PocketGo v2 units in circulation now are prototypes. The reviews you see on YouTube are from people that got them early. I got one as well, and I was specifically asked to feedback any issues to them so that they can resolve them in the retail versions. In my case, amongst other problems the d-pad doesn’t always register – this is because the shell requires an extra 2 screw mounts to pull the contacts together. The crappy glue on the screen lens and various other issues are all known and will apparently all be fixed on the retail units that ship to actual customers.

          I deliberately didn’t review my unit because I would have had to mention these flaws, which is not fair if they’re going to be fixed in the retail version. Let’s hold out for the retail versions because these should be the same as the PlayGo.

          • Thank you for this complete answer, I am a little more reassured, bittboy not being very rigorous on the consoles they sell, we always have the impression that they will still get us a badly finished product

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