Aluminium alloy version of the RG-350 now available!

It was only a matter of time after seeing these on Baidu. Many people were clamouring for the all metal version of the RG-350 and now here it is. For $129.99 shipped it’s not a bad deal but it would be great if they’d sell the shells separately too.

I’m not sure what’s going on with that wonky analog stick but I have it in good authority that they won’t ship like that .

If you’re after one of these, they’re currently available from retromimi.

Update 20191126: They’ve bumped the price by $30 🤔

4 thoughts on “Aluminium alloy version of the RG-350 now available!”

  1. Got it for the 129.99
    Looks like that was an early bird price according to this email.

    “Hello friend,

    Good day to you,

    I am Leah from Retromimi team, I kindly remind you that the aluminum alloy RG350 console you ordered at bird price will be shipped in about 20 business days. Because it is a customized product.

    So sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Best Regards


    • do you think its worth that? its only a shell replacement and we dont really know if its good quality or aluminum (they could of changed the buttons to better ones at least)

      • If you already own the plastic unit or a similar unit, in my opinion definitely not.

        I was looking for an upgrade to my original rs97, something higher in quality and performance, the $129 seemed like a fair deal considering the JZ4770, IPS screen and aluminum shell.

        The only justification for the cost is most aftermarket aluminium shells for handhelds are fairly expensive (the boxy pixel ones come to mind). Only time will tell if this one is good quality though. Fingers crossed.


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