The N+ Digi Dock Is Another mysterious handheld from China

Before getting too excited about the Digi Dock, bear in mind that this may be another DIY style device like the ZPG. The Digi Dock is yet another mysterious handheld from China, and it’s possible that it’ll only be available in limited batches.

Information about the device limited at the moment, but we do know some key things.

  • A Raspberry Pi 3B+ will power the basic unit.
  • A Raspberry Pi 4 version is likely next year.
  • It’s designed to be a modular unit.
  • A Windows version is possible and may use an Asus development board.
  • An Android version is also possible.
  • Windows and Android versions are probably made to order.

There’s a video on Tieba showing the handheld running Capcom Fighting Evolution on PS2. I guess that this is a demonstration of the Windows variant, but I can’t confirm.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more information on this interesting looking handheld. You can follow this link if you’d like to follow the Tieba thread about this handheld, but you’ll need Google Translate!

11 thoughts on “The N+ Digi Dock Is Another mysterious handheld from China”

  1. “I guess that this is a demonstration of the Windows variant, but I can’t confirm.” Have you watched the video till the end? We can clearly see the windows desktop.

  2. This looks really cool. I wonder if other SBC’s that fit within the RPi form-factor can be used? I would love to fit my Tinkerboard into this. Maybe an ODroid.

  3. Seems like it could be nice, but also looks disjointed. Why is the left stick an actual stick while the right one is a nub? Also when will these companies learn that assymetrical layout on a box body is a ergonomically horrible?

    • I’m not convinced it is an analog nub, I wonder if it’s a mouse like the type on those old laptops. Who knows. So many questions, so few answers

      • For a split second in the video it looked like it slides like a PSP nub, but yeah it could still be set as a “mouse” like on the GPD Wins. If that’s the case then it would make sense for them to add a switch for changing modes.


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