The Z-Pocket Game (aka ZPG) is an Upcoming Android Handheld

There’s a channel on YouTube called TigerPlay TV and they’ve been teasing videos of a new handheld called the ZPG over the past couple of weeks. The ZPG (or Z-Pocket Game) looks to be running a customised version of Android and rumours suggest it’ll contain an 800 series SnapDragon processor too.

If true, this will be the first time we’ve had an Android handheld from China using a Qualcomm processor. The device bucks the trend from recent Android offerings by doing away with the clamshell design in favour of a very wide screen with controllers tacked on either edge.

Check the channel for more videos of the ZPG

Interestingly, all of the controls on the face of the device look to be identical to those found on the Playstation Vita. Whether this will carry through to production or not, who knows!?

Although there’s a listing for this handheld currently on TaoBao, the unit is not currently available for shipping. I believe they were selling some pre-production units and now the listing is a pre-order.

It looks like this one will cost somewhere between $120 and $150 shipped, if it ever makes it to global stores. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.

8 thoughts on “The Z-Pocket Game (aka ZPG) is an Upcoming Android Handheld”

  1. This machine will not be mass-produced, Sony mobile phone modified machine, only 100, five seconds to sell all. The authors say there will be 835 CPU next year.

      • I’m looking forward to snapdragon 835 and 845 next year. The author has contacted the supplier, and it should also be a kind of mobile phone modification + optimization system. At that time, the output should be very high. This time, I didn’t buy the ZPG 800 processor. 100 units sold out in 5 seconds. I’m not good at English, machine translation.

        • Translation or not, your written English is very good. Thanks for the information, I will look forward to 835/845 next year as well.


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