The RG350P Comes As No Surprise

Well it’s hardly surprising, but Anbernic have just released the RG350P. It’s essentially a plastic shelled version of the RG350M, but with one key difference.

The Anbernic line of RG handhelds is getting so convoluted that you wouldn’t be blamed for having lost track. Whilst it’s nice to see a plastic version of the RG350M, current available specs indicate that the hardware isn’t identical to that of the RG350M.

The RG350P has the same low profile analog sticks and dual SD card config as the RG350M. It also shares the re-jigged d-pad positioning and silicon grips on the back. Unfortunately though, it seems as though they’ve reverted back to using a 320×240 LCD in the RG350P.

It may be true that frame rate and battery life takes a slight hit with a 640×480 resolution, but the increased clarity and smoother scaling is a worthwhile trade off in my opinion. At this point, the RG350P is only a worthwhile purchase if you don’t already have an RG350/M, or if the d-pad position of the RG350 is too uncomfortable for you.

It’s hard to say how many more rehashes of this design will be needed to sell the rest of the JZ4770 stock, but it’s certainly growing a little wearisome now. It’s nice to have options, but the phrase “flogging a dead horse” springs to mind.

RG350P Future Retro Synthwave Handheld


The line up for current and forthcoming RG handhelds looks like this:

RG99JZ4725B2.8″ 320×480Weakest processor, RG300 form factor.
RG300JZ4760B3.0″ 320×480Weaker processor than JZ4770. Portrait mode.
RG350JZ47703.5″ 320×240First RG350 Device
RG350MJZ47703.5″ 640×480Metal shell, improved layout & controls and high res LCD
RG280MJZ47702.8″ 320×480Metal shell, improved layout & controls, smaller form factor, one analog
RG350PJZ47703.5″ 320×240Plastic shell, improved layout & controls, original resolution LCD
RG351PRK33263.5″ 480×320Forthcoming OGA clone. Most powerful device.

The RG350P is available now at RetroMimi and AliExpress for around $90 shipped.

20 thoughts on “The RG350P Comes As No Surprise”

  1. Hey O.H, this RG350P or a “New Pocket Go v2” for classics / arcade?

    Some background: I bought a q400 based on prerelease buzz; decent hardware but unusable OS. I own modded GBA, NDS, and PSP. Ultimately I want something for arcade and (aspirationaly) PSX in addition to classics. I would never expect more at this price point. I’ve also played with pi zero / pi 3. Setup is a nightmare and battery life is abysmal on those.

    Just interested in your thoughts as I can’t afford to buy one of everything. RG351P looks cool but I’m not going to do another q400, it needs time to cook.

    • I don’t want to answer for O.H. but with my personal experience, I’d say that PSX runs really nicely on RG350 (so, I guess it would run just as well on any variant, such as RG280 since the CPU does not change).
      As for arcade, it’s a bit more “hit or miss”: Neo-Geo is awesome with the latest FBA and most pre-90 classics will run just fine. But some games will either exhibit lots of frameskip or are utterly unplayable (for some reasons, IREM games seem to belong to the latter category).

      It is possible to use Xmame too, but the port is old and finding the right rom versions is bothersome (if not impossible). If you’re ok with this, then don’t hesitate: RGs build quality is simply amazing compared to their competitors.

      Now, if performance is more important than build for you, I would recommend the Odroid Go Advance v2: the UI is great (EMUElec or Batocera) and you can emulate up to the Dreamcast (and some PSP) plus 90/post-90s arcade classics without much hustle (no frame skip with CPS3 is sweet πŸ˜‰ ).

      Then again, many OGA clones and likes are announced and if Anbernic do release an RG351 that would combine the Rockchip power with the build quality of the previous model, I would think this would just be a near perfect handheld πŸ™‚

    • Price is not justified by the CPU but the build quality. So far, Anbernic handhelds have incredibly good build quality, far beyond more powerful handhelds like the OGA or RK2020.
      This largely justifies the price, which is not so high considering that there are some sh**y Rockchip/BCM2837 based handhelds for over $200 out there!

  2. Wow I think this is it for me!! FINALLY a 320×240 device thats aesthetically pleasing, about the right size, high quality, well reviewed, powerful enough and most likely affordable hence the plastic?
    This is ALL Ive wanted since freaking 2008 when I started emulating on PSP and DS but realized none of it was as reliable.
    I need to buy it.
    In fact Id buy it again if they ever do the same thing but with an even more powerful chip to really iron out whatever little issues this might have πŸ˜›
    For now Ill really be really happy with what it can already do!

    • Was there a plastic version with the correct D-pad placement?
      Cause that seems to be the main point πŸ˜›
      Also I personally prefer the 320×240 over 640×480, not just because of battery life, but because it will look a lot more like a real handheld like the GBA or DS, simply because of the dots being visible. The kinda games you’d play on this handheld are usually made for that dot size. Anything higher will look more like a modern machine emulating games not designed for it.

      It is fine for things like Switch or Vita to have more dots than the retro / retro styled games available on it because they are made to play mainly higher res games. But this handheld is ONLY meant for games 240p or below.

      • Resolution aside, the M screen is so much nicer to look at in any emulator than the 320×240 version imo.

        • Admittedly, I never used any of these handhelds. I’ve only ever used cell phones and Sony / Nintendo handhelds, so I’m basing my comment on those experiences.

          For example I love the look of emulators on the DS Lite a lot more than the same thing on a Vita.

          … hey, I would love to see these systems next to the RG350 and others πŸ˜›


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