The PowKiddy RGB10 Is Another OGA Clone

PowKiddy RGB10 Future Retro Handheld

They’re coming thick and fast now! PowKiddy are the latest brand to hop on the hype train with their re-imagining of HardKernel’s Odroid-Go Advance. The new PowKiddy RGB10 is yet another OGA clone just released. It bears a striking resemblance to the Q90 released earlier this year, but of course this time it’ll be powered by RockChip’s RK3326.

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The RG351P Is Another OGA Clone

RG351 Retro Future Handheld

Hot on the heels of the ZPG Pro announcement, here comes news of another machine due soon. The RG351P is rumoured to be another OGA clone, probably using a similar shell as the RG350. Someone on the Baidu forums posted a Chinese language version of the below image. It gives us a little insight in to what else might be in the works from the Anbernic camp. The image is fairly self explanatory, but I’ve translated it to English never the less.

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The RK2020 Review

It’s difficult to know where to begin the RK2020 review. The moral high ground regarding cloned hardware is probably not it. It’d be easy to dismiss the RK2020 as a lazy copycat device, attempting to cash in on the good work of HardKernel. Whilst it’s true that the RK2020 wouldn’t exist without the OGA, this hobby usually treads a legal grey area one way or another. There is no proprietary hardware inside the Odroid-Go Advance, so whilst it might be cheeky to build 100% compatible hardware, given the success of the OGA it’s hardly a surprise to see.

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The ZPG Pro Rumours and Speculation

The original ZPG was a DIY handheld that used the guts of a cell phone for its mainboard. It was mostly the work of Lao Zhang, he made use of Vita controls and the motherboard of a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact to create the device. The ZPG was released in very small batches to the Chinese market, and was almost impossible for Westerners to buy. It’s always been rumoured that the ZPG was leading up to something else, and that rumour has just been substantiated. Over on the Chinese forums God of light and darkness (cool name) is posting short teaser videos pertaining to a ZPG Pro. Let’s have a look at the ZPG Pro rumours and speculation.

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