The RK2020 Is The First Odroid-Go Advance Clone

We all knew it would happen eventually. Chinese manufacturers have seen the success of the Odroid-Go Advance and decided to get in on the action. There are probably more of these to come in future, but the RK2020 is the first Odroid-Go Advance clone to hit the market.

The RK2020 is a hardware clone of the Odroid-Go Advance, all the way down to the RK3266 and LCD screen. The main difference is the addition of L2/R2, though we now know that the revised OGA will also have these.

RK2020 Front Left

I was really hoping that this clone would make some improvements on the original design. Dual analog sticks or a higher resolution panel would have been interesting amendments. The benefit of mirroring the original design so closely though, is that any OS for the OGA should also work with the RK2020 with some minor tweaks.

RK2020 Top Front

The RK2020 does look to have made improvements in one area though, and that’s the quality of the shell. It’s no secret that the OGA feels somewhat cobbled together, and the RK2020 appears to look at least a bit more premium. Of course we’ll need to get our hands on a unit to judge it properly, but first impressions are positive.

The RK2020 Is The First Odroid-Go Advance Clone


The unit has one microSD card slot on the bottom and a USB-A port on top. The USB-A port will apparently work with WiFi dongles in the same way as the OGA v1. The RK2020 will ship with EmuELEC pre-installed, and due to the familiar hardware we can expect different OS to be ported over too.

RK2020 Top
RK2020 Bottom

The RK2020 has fewer buttons than the OGA, this makes it tricky to re-use OGA images directly on the RK2020. Some alterations will need to be made to button mapping to account for the lack of F1-6. You’ve probably also noticed there’s no volume control. Volume adjustment is achieved by holding R2 and pressing Up or Down on the d-pad.

The screenshot below is taken from the Game DoDo YouTube channel and compares the size of the device to some other familiar handhelds.

rk2020 size

The RK2020 is due in stock in the next 2 weeks and can be pre-ordered from for $85.99 shipped. Let’s see if it can give the OGA a run for its money. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “The RK2020 Is The First Odroid-Go Advance Clone”

  1. Nice looking overall, but I can’t understand why all brands insist on putting the stick so low next to the bottom edge of the case, it is very uncomfortable and makes the thumb cramped when using it. Hopefully it will be located more like the PSVita form (which is not the best either) but at least it would be usable and also it would not interfere with the D PAD.

  2. You’re better off pre-ordering the OGA v1.1 since you get more for your money…this thing is just a cheap clone of the Odroid Go Advance that costs $10-15 USD more.

  3. “The main difference is the addition of L2/R2, though we now know that the revised OGA will also have these.”

    Woah, wait, since when? I know the OGA is currently sold out, but I was planning on nabbing one as soon as they were available again. But now I’m thinking I should wait.

  4. Is the screen identical? Would love something with a bigger screen as long as they’re trying to 1-up the original.

  5. Wow, it’s more expensive than the OGA r1.1 and they left off the expansion port (which no one is using), 4 of the function keys and WiFi (I assume Start and Select are mapped to two of the function keys). It’ll be interesting to see comparisons (visually the Dpad looks worse but the analog stick looks better).


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