The RK2020 Review

It’s difficult to know where to begin the RK2020 review. The moral high ground regarding cloned hardware is probably not it. It’d be easy to dismiss the RK2020 as a lazy copycat device, attempting to cash in on the good work of HardKernel. Whilst it’s true that the RK2020 wouldn’t exist without the OGA, this hobby usually treads a legal grey area one way or another. There is no proprietary hardware inside the Odroid-Go Advance, so whilst it might be cheeky to build 100% compatible hardware, given the success of the OGA it’s hardly a surprise to see.

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The RK2020 Is The First Odroid-Go Advance Clone

We all knew it would happen eventually. Chinese manufacturers have seen the success of the Odroid-Go Advance and decided to get in on the action. There are probably more of these to come in future, but the RK2020 is the first Odroid-Go Advance clone to hit the market.

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