Updated Retroflag NesPi Case+ Released With Safe Shutdown And Reset

If you’re looking to turn your Raspberry Pi in to a retro gaming machine you couldn’t go far wrong with a NesPi case for it. Like most cases though, the original NesPi doesn’t offer a proper means to shutdown or reset the device. Whilst pulling the plug does the job, if your machine was writing … Read more

Fusion Go: A Crowd Funded Handheld

This unusual looking handheld is currently live on Indiegogo, looking to raise $400,000 to fund the mass production. Looking at the renders it’s an onorthodox design, having gone for a smaller 3.5″ screen and a portrait style layout. Although the console runs on Android, a custom developed UI sits on top and unlike other similar … Read more

Round Up Of Current Android Home Consoles

Before you say it, I know. They’re not handhelds, what you gona do? 🙂 Aside from the Ouya which hardly needs an introduction, having been available for almost a year now, there are a few alternatives that are either currently available or just over the horizon. With the news of Huawei’s new Android console popping up … Read more

Android at E3

In addition to devices we’ve covered before, like the Ouya, the GameStick, and the Shield, Android was well represented at the video game and entertainment superconference. Mad Catz, who have been in the gaming industry for years as a 3rd party peripheral maker, has thrown their hat into the gaming console ring with their Project MO.J.O..  Mad … Read more