Yinlips Replaces YDPG18A with… wait for it… the YDPG19!

And people think Nintendo updates the DS series a bit too often… Amateurs! Yinlips have updated their flagship Android gaming handheld. Following on the heels of their recently upgraded YDPG17, they have announced an upgrade to their 5″ offering, the new YDPG19. The G19 shares a lot of specs with its predecessor  the G18A, in that it … Read more

Another Knockoff GBA To Add To The Pile.

I don’t know what it is with the GBA and grey market Chinese manufacturers, they just seem to love copying it in as many ways as they can. Maybe they love it as much as some of us do, I have some deeply nostalgic memories of my first generation GBA, and seeing strange reincarnations of it still cropping up 10 years later brings a happy smile to my face.

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