Willgoo Freebees With Android Handhelds

For Thanksgiving, our friends at Willgoo are giving thanks by bundling one of these colourful lanyards with every Android device. So if there was ever an excuse to splurge some cash on a new gadget, what more do you need? And remember, you can support this blog (and my frivolous spending habit) by using one …

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Yinlips Replaces YDPG18A with… wait for it… the YDPG19!

And people think Nintendo updates the DS series a bit too often… Amateurs! Yinlips have updated their flagship Android gaming handheld. Following on the heels of their recently upgraded YDPG17, they have announced an upgrade to their 5″ offering, the new YDPG19. The G19 shares a lot of specs with its predecessor  the G18A, in that it …

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And Here Come Yinlips With Their YDPG16 Follow Up

Just like JXD did with their S602, so Yinlips have with their YDPG17. It’s another incremental upgrade, probably not worth it for those who already have the G16, but for those looking to buy their first handheld from China you could do worse. What’s changed since the G16 (click to see my review)? Well not much, …

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Yinlips YDPG16 Review

Android handhelds are being churned out of busy Chinese factories at an alarming rate. At times it seems like a new model is being announced every week, keeping up with the latest and greatest would be a cripplingly expensive hobby. So before we all jump on the capacitive screen and Android 4.0 bandwagon let us stop, take a step back and have a proper look at one of the more interesting current models.

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