And Here Come Yinlips With Their YDPG16 Follow Up

Just like JXD did with their S602, so Yinlips have with their YDPG17. It’s another incremental upgrade, probably not worth it for those who already have the G16, but for those looking to buy their first handheld from China you could do worse.

What’s changed since the G16 (click to see my review)? Well not much, they’ve changed the SoC to the GeneralPlus GP33003, the same as the one inside the new S602, which is a budget SoC made up of a 1Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM and a PowerVR SGX531. It ships with Android 4.0 instead of 2.3 and this time contains the transceiver necessary to facilitate multi player between 2 consoles. Also listed as a feature is “Virtual Key Mapping”, I assume this just means they’ve installed GameKeyboard which enables you to map touch screen only games to the hardware buttons.

The YDPG17 is available, as always, from our friends at Willgoo for $80.99.

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