The Revo K101 Giveaway Continues, Another Winner Announced!

OK, there is going to be a slight change to the program. You can put this down to a breakdown in communication, and I apologise for this, but thankfully the outcome is a happy one.

I previously mistakenly reported that the manufacturer has chosen the winner – actually the manufacturer has yet to choose which design will be printed onto the device, but the Revo K101 team have decided there will be two entries sent over to them for their perusal.

Philip Howard’s colourful and smooth design was the first that the team loved, and he is the first winner of this competition.  The second is Ghe Nation’s understated and classy design, he has superimposed it onto the device so we can see how it might look if printed.

This competition is also being run China side, I hear from the Revo K101 team that some hopeful designers have also sent their submissions directly to MaxZhou88 for review.

The good news is that although probably only one design will end up on the final product, both Philip Howard and Ghe Nation will win a shiny new Revo K101 once the production run has finished.

So this competition comes to a close with three winners all securing their prizes.  Congratulations to the following:

Pepone – for coming up with the winning name.
Philip Howard – for becoming a finalist in the logo competition.
Ghe Nation – for becoming a finalist in the logo competition.

We are expecting a final decision from the manufacturer in the next couple of days, then we will find out which design will make it onto the final product (remember, there are more than 2 to choose from because the competition is running in China too). Good luck to both Philip and Ghe.

Philip Howard’s design:

Ghe Nation’s design:

6 thoughts on “The Revo K101 Giveaway Continues, Another Winner Announced!”

  1. Zoiks! First I’ve heard of being a finalist/winner. Admittedly the design they chose is not my personal favourite ( I did quite a few ) but it’s one of the ones during my “omg! rainbows!” train of thought which I generally like. I actually love Ghe’s design a lot, and the effort put into presenting it is absolutely brilliant. Would love to see some more submissions, too.

  2. Thank you and congratulations Philip Howard and Pepone! Great job guys. And also thanks to obscurehandhelds for hosting this contest. 🙂

  3. I like them both, but I must admit that Ghe’s is easier to read. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m trying to get hold of some of the Chinese entries, just out of curiousity, but haven’t managed to yet.


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