And The Winner Is…

The staff at have looked through all the entries sent in for the design competition, and along with the manufacturer they have decided that the winner is…

…Philip Howard!

Congratulations Philip, your design is now in the hands of the manufacturer ready for printing. All units should have a thumbnail of the design printed on the front and a larger version printed onto the packaging itself. Be proud of yourself!

Hopefully this means that the units will be shipping in the next week or so. I am absolutely itching to get my hands on one!

6 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…”

  1. i would have to agree. the logo design is clean but the choice font does not make any sense. i have been reading and writing for more than 30 years and i’ve never seen an “E” written that way. it looks more like a “C” with a dot in the middle. the “V” looks like a “U”. in the end we have no say, its what they picked. congratulations to the winner!

    • No negativity here. I’m going to call out a bad logo if I see one.

      One of the most important things about a logo is that it should be clear and easy to read.

  2. Oh, it’s supposed to be revo. Ok, but they seriously need a better logo because it it looks like reuo… and even then that’s a stretch.


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