Christmas Giveaways Courtesy Of Willgoo!

The generous chaps over at Willgoo have donned their Santa Claus costumes and decided it’s time to giveaway some gadgets! For your chance to win you’ll need to enter 1 or more of their competitions running consecutively from now until Christmas. There’ll be four competitions in total, with a different challenge each week. This week … Read more

The Revo K101 Giveaway Continues, Another Winner Announced!

OK, there is going to be a slight change to the program. You can put this down to a breakdown in communication, and I apologise for this, but thankfully the outcome is a happy one. I previously mistakenly reported that the manufacturer has chosen the winner – actually the manufacturer has yet to choose which … Read more

(COMP NOW ENDED) Competition Closing Date Brought Forward – You Have Until The 1st of September!

It looks as though the manufacturer is ready to roll ahead of time, and instead of sitting on a bunch of finished consoles for the next 10 days they’ve asked if we can bring the closing date of the competition forwards a little. So if you’re planning on entering but haven’t yet, you have until … Read more

Part 1 Winner Announcement, And Part 2 Kicks Off!

First of all, thanks to everybody who suggested names for the K101, the sheer amount of responses really took me by surprise and the guys in China had a very tough time choosing their favourite, hence the delay in the announcing the winner… sorry about that! It’s really great to see so many people interested in this gadget.

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(COMP NOW ENDED) The K101 Needs An Identity, Wants To Be More Than Just A Number

This competition has now ended. The winner will be announced shortly, and part 2 will be kicked off!

Right folks, it’s competition time again. Who’s up for a free K101? Or should I say, which 2 of you are up for a free K101? That’s right, to celebrate the upcoming launch of the new GBA clone, the awesome staff over at are going to give 2 of them away!

Interested? Read on for the details.

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