K1 GBA Now In Stock, And Competition Winner Announced!

Whether or not this is just a happy coincidence I don’t know, but I have two good pieces of news to share here. Today the K1 design competition ended, and as luck would have it today is also the day that the folks at K1 GBA received their first batch of consoles!

If you head on over to www.k1gba.com you’ll see that the delectable machine is now ready to ship, in your choice of three colours. The price is $69.99 with free shipping from China and their are options for bundled memory too!

So this leads me on to the second piece of news, the dudes at k1gba have collected in all of the competition entries and decided upon a winner! Well done to Arcade Schakal for your design, they liked it very much and you might have noticed that it’s already taking pride of place over on the website. The team will contact you in the near future for your address so that you can receive your prize. Good job Mr. Schakal! And here is his winning design:

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I arrived at the office after a week of holiday. My K1 arrived! Curiously, the packaging mentions that it is distributed by MaxSoft, a company in Singapore. If that is true, the K1 went from Singapore to Hong Kong and back again! I wonder though if MaxSoft should have put the Nintendo logo on the packaging because I doubt they have permision from Nintendo to do so. So far it works splendidly, I will test a bit more tonight.

    • I played a bit more on my way home. The quality is not the same as the real GBA. The plastic feels a bit thinner and the buttons are just a tad clunkier. The screen is unevenly lit with a brighter band on the left. It doesn’t detract too much but it does show that big N has a better quality control. The cartridge looks cheapntoo but is adequate for the job. My micro Sd card fit without any problems. When you switch on the GBA, the K1 logo appears after which a menu with games is shown. All games I tried started without a hitch. Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Advance 3 and Zelda had no issues. I do miss a quick save option that I have when using emulators. For that reason I’ll keep using my JXD S5110. For casual gaming, the K1 is a good addition to my collection though.

      • Glad to hear that you had well received your device. Please note that K1 is hardware clone GBA not the original GBA. You can not compare it with the original one. Since it is hard to buy GBA, then K1 must be your first choice if you are still cherish your childhood time. Comparing with other emulator device, K1 has a better emulator for playing GBA games. You can feel that if you test it.

        For the shipping, we sent via Singapore register air mail. Thus you got your K1 in so fast time.

  2. This all sounds so exciting! I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on one these, though, with limited quantities feeling that long after the first batch has been completely exhausted, I won’t be getting mine any time soon. Sadface. So with that in mind I would like to know a couple of things about the system: Can it play SNES emulated games? Will the U.S. GBA Sp charger work with this? And lastly, can I replace the case with something else, e.g., the official GBA Sp case? Thanks in advance

    • Glad to hear that you love K1. Sorry, it can not play SNES emulated games. K1 is a hardware clone device for emulating all GBA games. Yes, the U.S. GBA Sp charger work with this. Yes, you can replace the case with something else, e.g., the official GBA Sp case. But it will be a little different between K1’s mod and the original one. Not very perfect compatible.

    • K1 can supports all GBA games except the motion control ones. By the way, what do you mean when saying “Is the K1 Region Free?”. Can you explain your problem clearly so that we can help you? Thanks.

  3. Can I get some details on the screen on the newest K-1? Is there any possibility of uploading a youtube video? I’m curious because my early model has a blue cast. I’m wondering how this run compares before I pull the trigger and buy another.

    • The newest K1? You mean the one that we released on line now? The screen is better than the original GBA SP. It is backlit rather than frontlit. It is bright and crisp and produces excellent colours. You can write email to us: konegba@gmail.com if you still need more information about it. Thanks.

  4. Quote: “Buying tips: We suggest customers from Italy select ‘EMS’ as your shipping way to make sure you can receive your parcel.”
    That is bullshit: the only packages that disappear here in Italy are Air Mail Packages, and usually they arrive after 1 month.
    Instead, Registered Air Mail Packages arrive always after 15 days, so this leads to the question: do we get a tracking number when ordering or not?
    Thanks. Regards.

    • We apologize for this inconvenience. There will be offered tracking numbers when ordering from k1gba.com. The reason why we suggest customers from Italy select “EMS’ as their shipping way is because that we got some Italian complain that they can not get the parcel via Hongkong register air mail. For EMS, it is a faster and safe shipping way. The courier can call you once your parcel arrive your local post. It is more convenient for you to get the parcel.

  5. Ordered one aswell. What’s the difference between ‘K1 GBA SP Console K-Team Hardware System Multiplayer TV-out’ and ‘K1 GBA SP K-Team Hardware GBA SP Silver’ ?

    Also I received an error after submitting the paypal payment: ‘1054 – Unknown column ‘delivery_date’ in ‘field list’ ‘ But the payment went through. I will try to contact them to see if you have my details.

  6. We suggest you guys select the silver color as the first batch 50pcs are all silver.( I think the first 50 batch will be run out very very soon as there are many people buying it now!) For the other two colors- black and blue, we will restock them in these coming days. We will update the real stock every day. Just keep paying attention on k1gba.com. Thanks.

  7. Wow, what a beauty! And the price is just right! If I wasn’t with shallow pockets I’d order one. Though, the mini cards are a bit expensive. Not the first place that I see this. I can buy one here where I live form 10 euro.

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