Part 1 Winner Announcement, And Part 2 Kicks Off!

First of all, thanks to everybody who suggested names for the K101, the sheer amount of responses really took me by surprise and the guys in China had a very tough time choosing their favourite, hence the delay in the announcing the winner… sorry about that! It’s really great to see so many people interested in this gadget.

After much deliberating, they have decided to go with Pepone’s suggestion, and so the K101 will henceforth be known as the Revo! The guys think that Revo summarises the ethos of the device perfectly, combining the retro element with the evolution of technology into a short, catchy name that looks great written down and sounds pretty cool as well. Congratulations to Pepone! The staff over at k1gba will be contacting you soon!

So without further ado, let’s kick off part 2.

This part of the competition is a little bit tougher as it calls for some graphic design wizardry. What they’re after is a classy looking logo that incorporates the new name. The logo will then be printed onto the device itself in thumbnail form, and onto the packaging as part of the artwork. There are no sizing regulations this time around, but bearing in mind the logo will be printed both small and large, here are some pointers.

  • Keep it clean, remember that it needs to be readable in thumbnail form.
  • If you’re using Photoshop or Gimp (free open source software, check it out if you’ve not heard of it), please supply the PSD or equivalent project file and jpgs too.
  • Make sure that any images you use in your design are high enough resolution that they won’t become blocky or blurred when scaled up. If you’re making your design from scratch, using Vectors might be the way to go because they’re infinitely scalable. Up to you though.
  • The logo will be printed onto white handhelds, at least to begin with, so make sure that if you’re using white in your logo then it will be readable against white plastic. Ideally, your logo would be readable against both white and black backgrounds.
  • The logo must include both the name “Revo” and the model number “K101”.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, please keep the files for each design in their own folder when emailing them.
  • You can submit your entries to
  • The competition will run until the 10th 1st of September.

Unfortunately this time I won’t be posting the submitted entries on here for all to see. I’m away on holiday in the internet free wilderness for the next 10 days (nope, there’s not even a 3G connection!) and I don’t trust my housemates to do it for me without accidentally deleting the entire blog or something. The dudes at K1GBA will look after all entries until I get back, at which point I might stick them up here in a gallery. On a side note, if you’re a new poster and your comments end up in a moderation queue, I apologise. I will sort out all the approvals when I get back. I would remove the need for moderation entirely, but the fact that Akismet has thus far blocked nearly 12,000 spam messages from being posted here means to turn it off would be a blog suicide!

Good luck to everybody entering part 2, and congrats again to Pepone!

22 thoughts on “Part 1 Winner Announcement, And Part 2 Kicks Off!”

        • I didn’t see any Revo K101 on their site – and there is nothing wrong with having a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRODUCT having a similar name. It happens all the time. Pandora can refer to a lot of things, not just an internet radio service. Same with Rhapsody.

          Just because there is a company named Revo, doesn’t mean the name is forever unusable by any other company.

          If Revo was making game systems, that would be another issue. But they are not.

      • Revo K101 is the final name for the next version K1 GBA SP. I had checked this name” Revo ” on line. Yes, it is registered by others. But I do not think it is a big problem on this name- in fact, it is a very good name. It has a different meaning on K101- retro and evolution. This name really reflect the real meaning of K101.

      • I think your all missing the point of my post, yes names like Vita, Wii and Pandora means nothing when said on there own but these products are not just called Vita, Wii and Pandora they are called Nintendo Wii, Playstation Vita and OpenPandora Pandora. So calling it Revo K101 suggest its made by Revo. Would be better if it’s was called (Company name what ever it is) Revo K101. It’s basic Business practice 101.

      • First off – the OpenPandora Pandora isn’t called that. It’s either just the “Pandora” or the “OpenPandora” – it’s not the Mario Mario of Handhelds.

        Secondly, no one calls it the “Sony PS Vita” or the “Sony PlayStation Vita” – it’s just the “Vita”.

        Rinse and repeat for your other examples.

        The name of this device is the Revo. The model number is the K101 (to use a “Business 101” example – the Sony PSP 1000 versus the Sony PSP 2000). The maker is the K-Team.

        So if you want to call it the “K-Team Revo K101” – feel free. But it’s name of the device is the Revo.

        No one goes around talking about their “Apple iPod Touch 1st Generation with 16 GB”. Or if they do – they should stop.

      • @Chad it really sounds like I got your knickers in a twist lol I’m guessing your from the USA with a name like Chad but where I come from the Sony Playstion Vita is known as the Sony Playstation Vita like the IPad is called the Apple IPad. I could carry on and on with examples but I’m guessing your never get it. A product = Company name, the name of the product or range and maybe a version number if there is more then 1 version of that product = Samsung Galaxy S2/Samsung Galaxy S3 and so on = Basic Business Pratice 101.

    • Wii, Dingoo, Vita – all names that “ask more questions than they answer”. Actually, Revo fits way better than any of those, being an amalgamation of retro and evolution it paints a perfect picture of the device. You cannot please everybody though, I guess 🙂

      • This is very true – and don’t forget about the X-box 360 (is it a box or a sphere – and what is inside?) or the Caanoo or the GP2X or the DSi XL or the PSP – any of those (seemingly) meaningless series of letters and numbers… Even “GameBoy” is weird, I mean, it doesn’t resemble a human at all – and it’s not just for boys – men, women, and girls all play(ed) it too.

        The best names for game systems IMHO were simple Game Gear – beautiful! tells you exactly what it is for. Nintendo Entertainment System – other than the company name, it says what it is for, a system of entertainment. PlayStation is pushing it.

        Revo is good name. Revolution, Revolve, Evolution, Re (meaning do again) … It’s all there, without being expressly stated. It was a great choice.

  1. The software selections are great but I would also like to add With it, and some free plug-ins, you can pretty much do everything you do with Photoshop. All for FREE!! =)

    -Another World

  2. Thank you to the team for choosing my suggestion 🙂 I’m proud and happy at the same time!
    Good luck for the contestant of part II 😀

  3. Congrats to the winner, but something puzzles me.

    I remember looking at comments and reading Pepone’s suggestions and also seeing your comment in replies where you wrote how you like the name “Revo” too. That comment is now deleted.

    Care to elaborate?


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