K101 Now Available For Pre-Order, Shipping Within One Month

In preparation for the end of the competition, the folks at K1GBA have opened up pre-orders for the K101. The device is expected to be shipped within 1 month, which leaves just enough time after the competition ends to print the winner’s name and logo onto the device and get the packaging done. The pre-order bundle comes at a reduced price and includes a 4GB MicroSD card and headphones. Once the pre-order period has ended the price will return to normal and the bundled items may not be included, so if you’re after one of these then I suggest laying down the very reasonable $59.99 needed to secure yourself one. Head on over to the K1GBA sister site, K1GBASP to get in on the action.


24 thoughts on “K101 Now Available For Pre-Order, Shipping Within One Month”

  1. Any news on when the Pre-ordered consoles will be shipped yet?
    I’m being very anxious to get my hands on mine, and seeing that the pre-order price is still up, I’m guessing that they haven’t shipped them yet.

    • China have been on holiday for 3 or 4 days until today, but from what I hear the consoles are almost ready to go. There are always some expected delays when pre-ordering something that hasn’t finished being made yet, but I don’t think it’ll be very long now. Hold tight ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. MEH!
    I didn’t notice how the buttons were placed.
    I kind of thought that “ofcourse Y=B and B=A”.
    I can’t belive how you got that wrong :<

    to be honest, the best mapping would've been the following:
    X= turbo B
    A= turbo A

    it would really have been a good idea to take into consideration how people are used to handle the SNES or- the PS controllers.
    Never the less, I have made my order for the console, and can't wait for it to arrive eventually.

    • It pleases me to hear someone else say this. I really thought I was the only one.

      This is why I REALLY wanted the buttons to be re-mapped and really bummed out that they can’t be. I too want Y=B and B=A, its the most comfortable position, but everyone gets it wrong, on every handheld emulator I’ve used I have to remap the buttons. Even on the Wii or 3DS Virtual Console NES and Gameboy are mapped to B and A instead of Y and B and cannot be remapped, drives me crazy.

      I didn’t buy the K101 for this reason. If I could re-map buttons I’m in, otherwise, I just can’t do it.

  3. Has there been any word yet on what the X and Y buttons do? and if we can remap all the buttons however we like? Ideally, I would like to map the buttons as follows, K101 buttons being on the left and GBA equivlent on the right.

    Y = B
    B = A
    X = L
    A = R

    Would this be possible?

    • I would also like to see the firmware updated so that users can map their own function shortcut keys. Especially the keys for getting into the in-game menu. Always relying on the only brightness button doesn’t seem like the best way to go about it.

      -Another World

    • I emailed the people running the website and they confirmed that the buttons CANNOT be remapped currently. Although they didn’t mention if the X and Y buttons have any other function. I would hope they serve some purpose…

      • The X/Y will behave just Like L/Rใ€‚ That’s used by some people to play games with quicker response than pressing L/R keys.
        The Key e-mapping is IMPOSSIBLE. It’s fixed in the hardware already.. (Well, unless you want to open the case and do some dirty electrical jobs ..

  4. I would like to know if the โ€œpre-order bundle saleโ€ of the K101 will also include its respective AC Power Adapter Charger [EU Plug]. Thanks!

    • Yes, the AC power adapter will be included in the package. Till now, we do not know which one: EU or US plug. But we will add one EU or US power converter like we did for K1. This is to make sure you guys can charge the device once receiving it. Don’t worry about this issue!

  5. I’m interrested of why the console is sold in a different website than the orginal? Any reason for this? Seems kinda fishy, seeing that the K1 is 5$ cheaper in k1gbasp.com than in k1gba.com

  6. i was asked how best to go about selling the k101, and suggested the bundle. as of my last e-mail to k1gba, the bundle page is not yet finalized. i think the bundle itself is, but more information should be included on the bundle page in the near future.

    as the information states, the bundle will include some games. i am in the process of picking out 10-20 great gba homebrew titles to include with each bundle. if you have something that you would like include, let me know.

    -another world

    • this is the next evolution in the design. a different form factor, a hardware based RTC, a 3.5mm stereo head phone jack, mini-usb charging, etc. from what i understand the original design will still be manufactured, this is simply another design which will appeal to another set of gamers. both designs use the same SoC by the K-Team.

      -another world


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