MK802 Gets An Upgrade To Dual Core RK3066, Called The UG802

The MK802 caused quite a stir when it was released about 4 months ago, the idea of turning your TV into a fully functional Android device for less than $70 was obviously quite an attractive one. Unfortunately despite a few tweaked ROMs such as Uberoid becoming available, the device never got a fully functioning CM9 port and it looks like it perhaps never will now. The UG802 is quite an impressive upgrade to the MK802, sporting the Cortex A9 based RK3066 SoC, it boasts a dual core 1.2Ghz CPU, Quad core Mali400 GPU and 1GB of RAM. What’s more, the release price is pretty much the same as the MK802 release price. Aside from the beefed up specifications the only other change looks to be the removal of the mains port, now the device is powered solely over the MiniUSB port on the far side.

I found the device for pre-sale on in4dealz, it looks like a group buying website whereby the special price is triggered once enough people pledge their money. I’ve never used the site before so cannot vouch for its reliability but you can head on over to check out some pics anyway.

Update: Now in stock at Lightake for $68.99 shipped. Here, here and here.

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