Willgoo Spring Clearout

Willgoo are having a clearout and have reduced the price of both the JXD S5110 and the JXD S7300. For $79.99 and $110.99 respectively, you can grab yourself one of last year’s flagship Android handhelds for a pretty decent price. They’ve also reduced the price of some of the S7300 bundles too, which you can …

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Christmas Giveaways Courtesy Of Willgoo!

The generous chaps over at Willgoo have donned their Santa Claus costumes and decided it’s time to giveaway some gadgets! For your chance to win you’ll need to enter 1 or more of their competitions running consecutively from now until Christmas. There’ll be four competitions in total, with a different challenge each week. This week …

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Willgoo Freebees With Android Handhelds

For Thanksgiving, our friends at Willgoo are giving thanks by bundling one of these colourful lanyards with every Android device. So if there was ever an excuse to splurge some cash on a new gadget, what more do you need? And remember, you can support this blog (and my frivolous spending habit) by using one …

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Yinlips Replaces YDPG18A with… wait for it… the YDPG19!

And people think Nintendo updates the DS series a bit too often… Amateurs! Yinlips have updated their flagship Android gaming handheld. Following on the heels of their recently upgraded YDPG17, they have announced an upgrade to their 5″ offering, the new YDPG19. The G19 shares a lot of specs with its predecessor  the G18A, in that it …

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UG802 Now For Sale At Willgoo, And A Nice Video Demonstration

I talked about the UG802 before, it’s a successor to the MK802 Android Box sporting the new RK3066 SoC from RockChip. Think of it as a Raspberry Pi that runs Android, and rocks a whole lot more processing power underneath that plastic exterior too. The RK3066 is based on an ARM Cortex A9 with a …

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Yinlips YDPG18A Discount Code Courtesy Of Willgoo

Willgoo Yinlips YDPG18A

The current cream of the crop in Android machines is the all singing and dancing capacitive screened Yinlips YDPG18A. In celebration of Children’s Day Willgoo are offering a discount code worth 9% from the original $139.99 price tag on this new piece of gadgetry – this brings the price down to around $127 by my calculations!

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