Retro Bluetooth Controllers at Willgoo



Willgoo has 2 new bluetooth controllers in stock, modelled after both the Famicon and NES and apparently made to celebrate 30 years since the Famicom debut. The NES variant hides away a fold out clip that can accommodate your phone, and whilst the Famicom doesn’t appear to have the same, it does come with something called an Xtander. According to the official website, “Stand up your touch screen devices and play with ease. FC style, best fit with FC30 GamePad, I will become a X Mech Warrior.

So now you know.

Both models have been retrofitted with shoulder buttons to make them compatible with some newer systems too. They also both work with PC, Android, iOS and OSX.



The NES30 and FC30 controllers are available for $33.99 and $32.99 respectively, which does seem a bit steep, but they appear to be around this price everywhere. If you’re looking for something for a desktop PC, perhaps consider this wired $5 snes controller instead.

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  1. I have the FC30 and it’s totally worth the money if you have an Android TV device. It a great accoutrement for retro emulators.


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