iReadyGO MUCH W1 – A New Octacore Android Gaming Phone

It looks as though one of the first octacore handheld to arrive is going to be courtesy of iReadyGO. Although it’s not officially released until the 20th of August, it seems to have had a limited release to the Chinese market already courtesy of The Mediatek MTK6952 octacore processor is powering this phone, and has been bundled with a 720p IPS display, 2GB RAM and 16GB on board memory.

Unfortunately Deen0X has uncovered some disappointing information about the device, namely its rumoured price of 250 Euros. It also seems there is no joystick driver for the sliders so they will be replicating inputs from the dpad, and the screen is locked at 52hz which will probably mean strange tearing effects in many games.

Of course it is possible the manufacturers will change these things before release, but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks to Victor for sending this in.

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